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It had been three weeks since lectures commenced for the new students and I still walked home alone. A lot of other people were already walking in groups. I never find it difficult making friends but this time I couldn’t just fit myself in. There was still a longing that made things different. Then one afternoon, I met Emeka. I was returning home from school on a Saturday evening and the sole of my shoe cut off. I needed to repair it but knew no shoe mender. It hadn’t even occurred to me the existence of shoe menders till that moment. Emeka stumbled on me dragging my feet along with the spoilt shoe, took me to a shoe mender within the school premises, haggled out a reasonable price and paid for me. We went home together and from that day on, we became friends.
We returned from school together every day and he kept me informed. He took me to places I didn’t know how to get to. Helped me get things I didn’t know how to get. He was always helpful. One day, after school, on the way to my h…