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About kambi

I still don't really know what to say cause I'm not good at describing myself but something has to be said so first you should know my full name because it's unique and interesting....UKENI NACHIKAMBI VICTORIA ....uh huh i know right?  beautiful and everything not expected of a name, yeah because we dont do trends.

Also, I am a Jesus advocate, He's literally my heart beat, keeps me alive so i do advocate that people seeking to live should find Him, He makes life so simple esespecially for lazy people like me.☺☺ I'm also a lawyer, (wow, I'm already a lot of things­čś«)aspiring writer,(booting) world changer(in progress), and what you'll know me to be as we progress on this blog journey together.

Want to know more? Arghhh Okay.

Well I'm tall, I love kids so so much, i never notice cobwebs, I love cakes, its going to be the biggest element at my wedding, I love my family and friends, you'd kill to have them. I'm also extremely introverted so don't have any expectations when meeting up with me. I talk to myself a lot, don't worry I never speak out and I love traveling.

Now seriously, that's all I can say now, anything you still want to know? Contact me

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