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Good morning dearies. Hope you all slept well? I sure did. Well, we all know that some days we wake up soo happy that whatever that hits us can’t change our mood. Other times, we feel plain neutral, however the day turns out, that will be the rhythm of our mood. But then, sometimes we wake up feeling moody and gloomy for no apparent reason. Well, here are some tips to get you out of the mood.

1.    Talk about it: Talking has always been a good antidote. I know this because I have tried the other antidote, “not talking” and it doesn’t help at all. Talk to your friends about it or your colleagues especially if there is a reason behind it. If you have good friends or great colleagues, they’ll give you great advice and if you have “crazy” friends, they’ll try to shake you out of the mood and if they try, don’t shake them off, allow it.

2.   Get involved in activities of the day: When you are gloomy, you tend to coil into a corner, wear a long face, be tired and not commune with people around. You are just on your own, you just want to be on your own but if you want to shake off the feeling, you have to be involved in the activities of the day. If you are a student, you sit with friends in class and get talking, be attentive when the lecturer comes in, jot down something, get your mind busy, do things on your to-do list. If you work, do the same, don’t just loiter around and sink into the mood, get busy, do something, tick off things on your to-do list by doing them. You’ll soon forget you felt gloomy when you have to keep balancing equations in your head.

3.   Eat lunch: yes. Hunger can prolong moodiness. Remember that when you feel moody, you don’t feel like doing anything but you only do it, because you have to. Well, after doing all that, eat during your lunch break. If you don’t have a lunch break, make out time and eat lunch. Quench that hunger that you don’t even feel so that factors behind the gloominess can reduce. Better still, go with friends so it’ll be a fun and not obligatory activity. 

4.   Pray: yes, prayer still works. The bible said ask and it shall be given. Most times, when I stand by the road to get a keke and none is coming or rather all that is coming is not going to my direction, I say a word of prayer requesting for one and before I know it, a keke going to my direction appears. Just say a word and ask God to turn around your mood and you’ll feel so much better. You can also study the word to learn a new insight that might deliver you from the mood.

P.s if there is a reason, a specific reason causing the gloom, deal with it or start dealing with it before you do all that is above so that they work because if there is a nail under your leg, no matter how far or long you run, you won’t stop feeling the pain except you remove the nail.

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