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Some people will judge before they read this post and that's welcome. I'm starting with one of my favorite things to talk about, relationships. The mouth is a powerful tool, even the bible says so. The earth, heavens, nature and God listens when we speak so I speak to my future that I shall be married to a man with bugatti and I implore you to do the same. Buggatti as some of us know is one of the biggest and expensive cars as at now but buggatti in this context somewhat differs.

I will marry a man with a bugatti means I will marry a man with a future, that is, a man who knows what he wants and is working towards it, It means I will marry a man with financial stability to take care of a family at the time we are getting married, it means I'll marry a man with God.

With men who don't know what they are called to do or at least what they want to do, anything that happens is okay, every opportunity that drives by, they jump in and  wherever the road ends, they stop and wait for the next ride. That is a man without buggatti and its risky to ride with such.
Love really matters but where a man lacks financial stability, love is going to suffer a blow when frustration sets in.
Granted, there are situations that differ, like where the lady sponsors the man and they later on get married but if you look at the future of such situations,  you discover the man had a buggatti and most probably, working towards the future led him to meet the lady.
Buggatti in the form of financial stability  here does not only mean presidents, musicians, governors, doctors and the like. Not all men will be world famous or have all the wealth in the world to buy a nation, once a man can provide daily meals  for his family, train his kids, walk with God(cause a man with God has thousands of buggattis), work towards a bright future, impact lifes around him,  he is a man with buggatti.

Now lets peep into the bible to confirm this.
There's the story of Ruth and Boaz,  when boaz came for ruth, he had a buggatti.  In ruth 2 v 1, he was described as a man of standing, that is a man with a good reputation, financial stability, bright future and a man of integrity. And if you read ruth 2 and 3, you'll know boaz was a man with God.
There's the story of Rebecca and isaac. In Genesis 24 v 35, we were made to know that Abraham was wealthy and isaac inherited all his wealth so before he married rebecca he had a buggatti, present and future wise. He had financial stability and a future and most of all, he walked with God.
There's the different story of Jacob and leah.  His Buggatti was future wise. He worked hard towards it, he knew what he wanted and he worked for it and best of all he walked with God. Its worthy to know that he wasn't fully secured financially at the time he married Rachel but could feed them, however the stability came later on  when God blessed him, Gen 30 v 43. So you don't have to be Obama or Mike Adenuga at present. Just work towards something.
There's the simple story of Esther and the king. God made the king for her, Esther 2 v 17-18. I need not tell you how many buggattis a king made by God has.
There's even the story of the first union on earth, Adam and Eve.  God himself set up Adam financially by making a fruitful garden with all necessaries and put him in charge before dropping a wife.

So you must be a man with buggatti for me, that's to say you must be financially stable with a future and walk with God.  Of course there are exceptional situations for e.g Jacob lived with his father in law years after marriage before he stabilised and went on his  way but the future stability was an evidence that he had a buggatti right from the start.

This advice also goes to the men. Most men are where they are today because of the woman they married, e.g our president Goodluck Jonathan. When the wrong woman is brought in, you could loose the buggatti  you had at the time or any incoming buggatti. From the bible stories we looked at, its clear the women Ruth, Esther and the others had buggattis,  that is they were virtuous, hardworking, and also walked with God. Don't possess a buggatti and bring in fire to burn it up.

 So ladies, gun for man with financial stability and a future, its not wrong! and most of all a man with God cause God can guarantee the future of a man with none, you might want to read the story of David. However, never go for financial stability and a bright future without God being in that picture.  And also while gunning for a man with a buggatti, do well to develop yours.

Thanks for reading, and if you see any of those miniature share buttons below, share the word. Any thoughts? Use the comment box.


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