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If you read ''About kambi'' you would see where i said inspiring writer. Yap. One of my many big dreams is to be a prolific writer known all over. It's basically just a stepping stone to many others...so  first of all, the blog is to create an online presence for myself....so if you know an writing gigs, don't forget to connect me, lol....secondly, i also want to use the medium to inspire people.....many have wonderful potentials, God did not create anyone out of boredom. Everyone is unique for a purpose but people are so discouraged from the dealings and blows of life.....so Da blog is also about encouraging and inspiring people, sharing the secret about God's love for us and helping us become a better version of ourselves. To that end, there are eleven categories on the blog

ü Relationships: Talks about all kinds of relationships, with God, in marriages, with family, with friends, with neighbours and how to relate well and better and live in peace.

ü Reflection: is the major series reflecting on life issues, ideas helping us to be better and be better

üWord: God’s word. When we look into the word for Directions.

üInspirational bombs: lol, word bombs of inspiration to get us dreaming and awaken us from our sleepy state to go out and be a difference in the world.

üTop news: as the name implies….news everywhere its necessary to enlighten my readers.

ü Musings: funny and sometimes meaningful personal thoughts

üUncategorized: for anything without category on the blog…wedding wishes, birthday wishes, and the like.

üStories/series: sharing some of my prose works.

üLaw 101: future lawyer remember? Yes, there are actual things we should know about the law that affect our daily living. This category does well to inform us on that.

Question and answers was a one-time category on the blog dealing with questions relating to the youths and proffering answers. This goes to show that there could be more categories on the blog in future…..we’ll see.

For now, posts comes up Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Hopefully, with time it’ll become more frequent. The blog is also open to receiving guest posts, just visit the ‘Contact me’ page for details on where to send in your posts.

Join me on this blog journey together


Be my motivating factor/encouragement by sharing your thoughts in the comment box and sharing the posts to help get the word out.

love as always


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