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I’m sure by now most of us have heard the Jenner story, Bruce Jenner to be precise. The second dad of the Kardashian ladies, Kourtney, Khloe and Kim. The family never ceases to throw out surprises, just when you think they might be fading in the news, something just comes up. Obviously, the 65 year old man had always wanted to be a lady, he felt he was destined to be a lady and so he went for it. My problem though is why build a clan and then turn around to disappear? Well, this story is pure evidence that when you don’t deal with something, it won’t magically go away no matter how much you keep it in.  He made his debut as a woman, Caitlyn, on the cover page of Vanity Fair magazine with a 22 page cover story on how the transition has been and his desire and all.
Bruce Jenner

A lot of criticism have been thrown at him by many different people, it took his family time to accept and that’s understandable because of how late the revelation came. This post is not coming as an insult or as a criticism but an honest contribution and advice to the Trans genders out there or to-be Trans genders and those in consonance with the whole idea. Transgender for the purpose of information is a situation where a person thinks that his gender identity doesn’t match his assigned sex. That is where a man thinks he is meant to be a woman and vice versa.
Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner

Now this issue of transgender and many other things are very subtle issues but does God approve of it? That has even always been the issue. Is it a mortal sin? Is it against the bible (manual)?

One of the reasons why some people consider transgender is because of lack of self-worth. Feeling that they would feel better about themselves or have more confidence about themselves if they were a girl or a boy and if such persons would be sincere to themselves they’ll tell you it doesn’t get better.

Another main reason for issues like transgender, gay, lesbian and the rest to be coming up is what is called disoriented desires. Desire to do things that are wrong but still feel good about it. Everyone goes through those desires, for some however, it is not sex related while for others it is. These desires are part of the disoriented desires men feel because of the presence of the devil. There are psychopaths with this strong desire to kill, should we allow them because they can’t help the desire and love killing? That you feel so attached to someone that you want to have sex with them when you both are not married, does it make it right? That you love money so much that you will kill to get it, does it make the desire right? That you feel attracted to a dog and he can communicate with you and you want to marry him, does it make it right? That men are moved mostly by sight and get fired up when they see a naked woman, does it make it right to sleep around with girls? No, it doesn’t justify it or make it right or excuse it. No one is without such disordered desires, but being strongly in Christ helps us overcome. Eph 612 said, for we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against the rulers, the authorities and the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Verse 11 says we should put on a strong armor so that we can fight the devil’s scheme. Verse 13 also tells us to put on the armor so that when the evil day comes, we can stand our ground.

God is our creator, he knows us better than we do ourselves, and He knows the world He dropped us into. He knows our strength alone, our flesh alone cannot fight the desires of this world and of the flesh. Our body alone cannot please God. Therefore, being in Christ is what will help us overcome. If you put a laptop inside water when the manual says otherwise, it’s bound to fall into disrepair. Occasions like this (transgender, gay and the like) goes to prove that without our creator, we cannot exist or work well. Without Him, you are prone to be a tool in the devil’s hands. Whosoever the son of man sets free is truly free indeed, therefore it’s only God that can help us with such painful situations where such desires are overwhelming. But God made it a choice for us to serve Him or not. He definitely knows what He created that’s why he allowed us choose so He won’t look dictatorial and many choose to be away, to follow in their paths so what did He then do? Roman 124-32  summarizes it, He gave them over to a reprobate mind, allowed their sexual desires to consume them and even though they know the consequences of their actions, they will not only continue doing the wrong they are doing but also approve of those who do them too. This is exactly what’s happening in our world today, God has given a lot over to their reprobate minds and they can’t see it the other way no matter what you say.

God created us and he alone can help us get through such times when confusing desires want to overtake you but how will He help you when you don’t know him or when you’ve chosen to operate without Him? This why the devil can get to a lot of people, because they have side stepped God giving the devil space in their lifes. Also, you may be saved already but if you leave your salvation open-ended, you’ll fall prey. Even the bible said work out your salvation with fear and trembling.

Most Christians also justify it by saying God loves us all unconditionally and that’s the only thing that matters. That all we need is to believe in God. God’s love of course matters but is that now a ground to live in sin because God loves us? The Israelites abused God’s love for them and disobeyed Him at any chance they had but look at them today, always at war. He may be a merciful and loving God but He is also a consuming fire. His love for us is no excuse to do what’s not right in His sight.

Another excuse that we give in this era is that it is not in the bible so it’s fine. Transgender issues is not recognized in the bible so it’s fine. One thing governs us in the Christian race and that is living our lifes to His glory.
Bruce with ex-wife Kris

So it’s this transgender issue okay? No, it’s not right before God, it may be right before man and this present society but before God it’s wrong. It’s just disordered desires the devil is using as part of His grand scheme to take a lot of companion on the last day. Before it was the gay issue, now this Bruce-Caitlyn situation is bringing the transgender community to the lime light, mark my words, the next in line would be the bestiality community asking to be recognized for who they are. The fact that Bruce Jenner still wanted to keep up even after 65 years with this dream is because if you don’t deal with such desires but only try to suppress them, they’ll remain there waiting, we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, remember?

Personally, I love this bible passage that says flee from all appearances of evil, appearances o not even the evil itself but appearances. Rom 122 summarizes it all, do not conform to the pattern of this world (devil), offer yourself to Him as a HOLY and living sacrifice.
So when desires as this comes, talk to someone about it, your parents, spiritual leaders, but be sure to do something about it. Don’t blindside it or act like it’s not there, so that it may not subdue you. We should wake up to the truth. I’ll end with this hymn that says, what needles pains we bear, needless pains, just because we have not carried it to Him.
To all those out there struggling with transgender issues or gay issues or bestiality or ones yet unheard of, Don’t bear needless pains, He is ready to bear it for you, He is a friend, only if you can just take it to Him.

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