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Hello dearies!! It’s been ages! I feel like it’s been too long!!! I missed you all. Not to sound like I’m making excuses but it was basically impracticable for me to combine studies and blogging with the exams right up our sleeves. But it’s over and I have rested way more than enough and I’m back. I just hope you guys didn’t get tired of waiting for me…I’m sorry guys.

So, I want to start out by sharing major life hacks that I’ve learnt in the past few months and over the years that have proved really helpful. This is not your original life hacks you see on the net. You can keep up with them, you should already be ‘doing’ them and they improve your life and the value it exudes. In no particular order, they are

1. Study. Read. Acquire knowledge. You can’t exist properly in the world of today with an empty brain or near empty one. When you come across a word or a phrase or an idea or anything you know little or nothing about, read up on it. Google it. Read news on it. Read ‘About’ pages…