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Hello dearies!! It’s been ages! I feel like it’s been too long!!! I missed you all. Not to sound like I’m making excuses but it was basically impracticable for me to combine studies and blogging with the exams right up our sleeves. But it’s over and I have rested way more than enough and I’m back. I just hope you guys didn’t get tired of waiting for me…I’m sorry guys.

So, I want to start out by sharing major life hacks that I’ve learnt in the past few months and over the years that have proved really helpful. This is not your original life hacks you see on the net. You can keep up with them, you should already be ‘doing’ them and they improve your life and the value it exudes. In no particular order, they are

1. Study. Read. Acquire knowledge. You can’t exist properly in the world of today with an empty brain or near empty one. When you come across a word or a phrase or an idea or anything you know little or nothing about, read up on it. Google it. Read news on it. Read ‘About’ pages. Watch videos if you can. That smart phone is not only for social network and camera purposes only. No knowledge is a waste. Some people don’t know who owns the Facebook they operate or how Mtn, the largest network provider started out or why Coca-Cola company which started out years ago is still in business while some others  which started out with it have become extinct. Even the bible said, my people perish for lack of knowledge.  Don’t just know only about your area of work. What keeps some people on top and others below is knowledge. If they knew better, they wouldn’t be where they are today. It’s great to know all that president Buhari is not doing but would you offer any solution if called to serve?

2. In life, you must have a ‘God’ with you. You are mortal, you are human, you are flesh, you are not supernatural on your own and therefore very susceptible to harm. I love to break it to you, there are forces that rule this world. You cannot just be wandering through life without a strong force behind you. There must be a supernatural backing! You want to be a herbalist or traditionalist? Be a strong one. Serve your idols well o. You want to be a Muslim, be a strong one. But may I introduce you to the strongest force of them all…Jesus Christ. He is the King of all kings and the Lord of lords and nothing defeats Him. With Him you are secured forever and He is the strongest backing you can ask for. I’m not boasting, I’m just telling you the truth! How awesome to know that His services are for free! His love a gift! If you already know Him, then strengthen the cord! Don’t just be a church goer or a fulfiller of righteousness or a seasonal believer, solidify your stand with God.

3. Network. Associate with like minds. Be a team player: I’m a loner by nature but I’ve discovered that life doesn’t work that way. When you are down and out, or discouraged or confused, an advice, a nudge, a word can lift you up. Zuckerberg started Facebook with the help of a friend who actually encouraged him into it and nudged him on. Marriage involves two persons, having kids involves two persons, it takes two to tango. You cannot achieve feats and be very successful alone. Network with people and don’t try to do it alone. Learn how to work in a team. Associate with people of like minds and visions who will draw you up.

4. Eat well: don’t just eat but eat well. Rice everyday or eba every day is not eating well o. Rice and beans with plantain, salad, moi moi, egg all in one gulp is not eating well o. Eat balanced. Include fruits and veggies in your diet. Eat breakfast. I’m not a breakfast eater but I discovered that I function better when I eat breakfast. Don’t miss breakfast unless you are fasting. Diversify your meal even though there is economic recession. Last Sunday, we added salad to our rice and the salad was made with just three pieces of carrot, one cucumber and the smallest cabbage I’ve seen. We discovered that there was no salad cream and since the price has plummeted to N500 from N300, mum mixed the salad with a little groundnut oil and it tasted great! Be creative with the little you have. Malnutrition is real.

5. Exercise well. Please if you are still carrying around the myth that exercise is for loosing weight, please refer to point number 1 above. Exercise is for staying fit. People who are fat are asked to add exercise to their dieting so as to lose weight, in other words, stay fit because fat prevents you being fit. Exercise is for keeping fit. The body needs it so that your muscles don’t clot. That is why, when you start exercising for the first time, your bones and joints feel as though they were hammered. If you have a stay at home work, develop the habit of strolling in the evenings or visiting a gym once a week or taking a run in the morning. Skipping is a good form of exercise too.

6. Give. Be a giver. Don’t be too stingy. We are not in this world for ourselves but for people. Our purpose doesn’t only enrich us but enriches people. A lot of people are suffering! No matter your situation, you are better than somebody. If you can, please train a child through school. If you are a salary earner, buy an extra soap or food items for that neighbour struggling with rent. Don’t always give for a reward, give to help. A sister of mine, who is a seamstress has an ongoing project to dress a thousand girls by December 2016. You can visit her blog at  and help out in any way you can, whether by donating materials, or helping in the sewing or being involved in the program if you are in Lagos, or donating cash, or being inspired to do something to help your community.

7. Be nice: expunge, eradicate rudeness from your life. You are where you are byHis grace. You could be that beggar! Oh yes! Don’t squirm at that. If you were born into that family, you would definitely end up begging as they do. You could be that person you look down on! It’s mercy that put you where you are. So as much as possible, try to be nice, don’t look down at people as though below your class. That ‘class’ could be gone in a matter of seconds.

8. Finally, do something! God has promised us a glorious future but you have to do something! Don’t just sit around or have lofty dreams. Take a step, do something, anything. Don’t be locked in by fear of failure or laziness. Do something, fail and then do it better. God is there to help you and lead you but you have to move first. The world awaits you!

There it is…you have more I didn’t mention? Please drop a comment and don’t forget to subscribe to the blog, it’ll be one of your best decisions yet!


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