Monday, 26 January 2015


The shouting increased
Sure sounded like it
My heart beat faster
Then ached

Maybe I should stop
Try reasoning
No no no
Oh! I'm so gone

Death was inches away
My legs wouldn't run faster
I looked back

Many were they
Was that a machete?
That was definitely a gallon
But of what?
I swallowed

That was when I felt it
I staggered
Another came

I shook upon realisation
I'm being stoned!
Then I fell

I cried
I'm not guilty!
I did nothing!
But my voice was lost  in the crowd
So much shouting
Felt the world closing in

Instinctively I knelt
Then the fluid poured

Into my eyes
my pants
My armpit
My shoes
Cold and warm

I said my last prayer
It burned painfully
I thought of mum and ify
My friends

I heard the horn in the distance
Too late it was
I was breathing my last
How did I get here again....

Jungle justice is the new societal plaque that has spread across Nigeria and is practiced by almost all the states of the federation. What then should be done? Even if one is guilty of a crime, aren't there laws in place to adequately punish such? The rate at which it is being ignored is not right. The story was that the popular Aluu community was wiped out but is that a solution? Evil for evil? These are some of the reasons we have the law makers and the law enforcers. Laws should be put in place against it, federal law to be precise with killing of participants as the punishment but would that be a possible solution?

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  1. Oh.. very touching.. This really got me.. reading it felt like i was reading one popular graphic novel "Sin City".

    I know this news is old but the acts are still up to date as they did the same thing in the community were i live in weeks ago. though the victim was guilty but I still think this is not the way to go about it. This is the 21st century, the accused should be trialed and sentenced if found guilty. taking laws into our hands is pour hypocrisy. "Let Him who has no sin be the first to cast the stone" - Jesus Christ

    1. Am glad it got you, lol. Awareness needs to be made on this and the evil part is that they always look like they are enjoying it.

  2. So emotional. "Then the fliud poured" The Keyword for me in this poem is FLUIDS. The fluid could be blood, or tears. It is not a happy one.