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Where is she? Where is she?
I refuse to think...exhales
It didn't reach this point
The mall is not affected
I know she said the mall
So she has to be here, somewhere
But where where where?

I dreaded the thought
But had to move to the scene
Lo and behold
There she lay
Among the rubble
I could still make out the beautiful nose and lips
I stood transfixed to a spot
That can't be her!
It just can't
But it was
That's the gown I bought
That's our ring on her finger
I shoke with disbelief.

Then hope, oh wicked hope
Her eyes flickered
Then opened
She called out for me
Instinctively I moved
I took her away....

The light came on
She looked radiant
More so even with the bandages
I held her hands
She could only smile
There was hope
An unhappy week
But hope flickered
Home awaited

Then the crisis
The vomiting
Rigorous shaking

Even though I call it wicked
Hope gave me a week of her smiles
The feeling of her touch
A kiss on her broken lips
It gave me a chance to see her go
She's no more
It took her, Oh! It took her
Not hope, no hope did good
The bomb blast
I've heard stories
I'd never thought it'd near us
I never thought we would be a victim
We only came for vacation
A tour around Abuja
Her (our) marriage first year anniversary desire

So early
Gone forever
Yea, forever
Its dawned on me
I don't want to move on
I don't want to live on
But for her
For our twins
I would
But her place will never be taken.

Fictional poem of a man who lost his wife in a boko haram insurgency.  It may be fictional but it's the stories of many.
How long will this continue to be the story of many? Is there no solution?
When will the killings stop? What number of deaths will pass the useless message they are trying to get across? When will the violence stop?
What is the way out? Killing them? Maiming them?
I profer love but is it a possible solution?
Love is a feeling that is as strong as hate. When you let any in, it consumes you.
Hate for humans and whatever reasons behind it has consumed their hearts but can love overthrow it? Is there a way to sow the seed of love in their hearts again?
Can love be the solution for real?  Something must be done else there won't be a stable future for this great country.

Any thoughts? Would love to hear it so head to the comment box
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