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Cassandra Ikegbune: Tall girl problems!! Life as a 6ft 1 girl

This post is one of many I promised myself to share when I start blogging. I think I might be 7ft though my brothers call it exaggeration. I'll put up a pix later so you can see for yourself. I'm sharing this post cause I soooooo relate to every number, happy reading and don't forget to share.

 I dunno why this topic came up today. No actually I do and it has a lot to do with the fact that I'm tired of random people walking ... click Cassandra Ikegbune: Tall girl problems!! Life as a 6ft 1 girl to continue reading

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Before a person became a friend, he/she was a 'stranger', then maybe an acquaintance before attaining friendship. In life, many circumstances or situations tend to take us away from family and friends that we are so used to and safe around such as NYSC, industrial training, internship, law school, medical school, competitions or even relocation.


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