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Cassandra Ikegbune: Tall girl problems!! Life as a 6ft 1 girl

This post is one of many I promised myself to share when I start blogging. I think I might be 7ft though my brothers call it exaggeration. I'll put up a pix later so you can see for yourself. I'm sharing this post cause I soooooo relate to every number, happy reading and don't forget to share.

 I dunno why this topic came up today. No actually I do and it has a lot to do with the fact that I'm tired of random people walking ... click Cassandra Ikegbune: Tall girl problems!! Life as a 6ft 1 girl to continue reading

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Two stories.


If you are in a relationship; be it the one you were born into or the one you created, pain is inevitable. Simple reason being that we are humans, mortals, and it is in human nature to cause pain, to make mistakes. Even when it feels like the right thing, like a situation where you lie to protect someone you love, they can still find it hurtful because of differing views. Even if a person dedicates thier life to being and doing good, because of ''differing views'', something they do would come off as hurtful to someone in thier life.
Hurt and pain is inevitable. That's the simple truth. We only just learn how to deal with such times when it comes because it will.


Good morning lovelies. Hope you had a lovely weekend? If not, read here.

I stay with my younger brother and we both are night crawlers but sometimes sleep overtakes us while waiting for the light to be restored. The light is not static but we know the timelines. And while waiting, we keep busy with our phone doing the little work we can do until light is restored. And whenever we sleep off while using our phones, it's usually till the next morning when the light is off and our battery is dead or flat.