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Happy weekend loves, hope the week wasn't so stressful.  Thank God its Friday again! It"ll be a fun busy weekend for me.  For some, it will be just so so busy, for some it'll be boring because there'll be nothing to do. The only remedy to boredom for some people is hanging out with friends, going clubbing e.t.c they have no other form of having fun. Well, the introverts like mua  have fun only by watching movies, surfing the net or reading. Well, not to worry, here goes my eight things to do when bored. Thank me later! Lol

n/b: internet connection will be of use

1. If you have a phone with internet connection, just find any part of your house most comfortable for you and stay(I pick the bedroom :). Open google, type in ( I know it's long, but not to worry,  when you start commenting, I'll shorten it), read all the blog posts in the archive section( comein, don't be lazy,  it's not plenty na), then drop a comment in each section and share the posts to your social media outlets  be it fb, twitter, google, e.t,c you can even email to a friend, get the word out there people! I can't do it alone. Visit the pages too and drop a comment then subscribe below

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You won't even remember you were bored by the time you finish, lol


Lol, I know. Cooking is a great way to cure boredom. Try cooking a type of food in a different way, you can even google it. Google how to make that sharwama you love so much and try making it. If you live with your family, make a dish for them or better still a fruit juice. Now don't rush it, savour the moments, you can even make a video of it or take pictures of each step and upload on youtube or pin interest or better still, send it to so I can put it on the blog, lol. Make the cooking fun, better still, you can call a friend to do it with you. 

Play "make up". This is for the ladies, but guys could try it too. Time to learn using your own face. If you are not soo good at it, google it. Try out the look you want for your wedding,  if you are single. Google how to make up in different styles, try it out and take pictures of the different faces you made, store it in your mail or print them out later for future musings.

Though Not this type but all follow sha.


Cleaning! Yeah! Lol, this is the one I love the most. Most times when we clean, we are either soo tired or in a hurry that we just do surface cleaning. So, don't scream that you are bored,  get up and clean! I'd usually gather up my old books, clean the shelf and sort through to see the ones good for disposal and the ones to bring to the forefront. You"ll feel soo good and satisfied when you are done cleaning all those dirty corners. 

Read: this is a great way to cure boredom and learn something at the same time. This would have been the first on the list but someone might take a u-turn, so here it is. So, read a book, a newspaper Or blogs (some good blogs include,  glowing scenes, heart rays, beta motivation,  better still visit Nigerian blogs website). Or, if you have no book, re-read an old book, if you have no old book, go to a friend's place nearby and borrow a book. No friend living nearby but there's a data connection? Download the e-book App, download books of your interest and read, it'll take just five minutes.  Have no data connection or an android device? Your wahala too much o.

Then read your bible,  there's no one who doesn't have a bible unless you are a muslim. 

6. Sing and dance, yay!


This is also one of my favourites. Create a playlist of your favourite songs in your phone (cause we have some songs we are tired of but we just won't come to terms with deleting it), use an ear piece and listen to it. Sing and dance. My friend does this a lot too and it's fun to watch her. She would scream the songs even or if you are the blues kind of person, pick a hymn book or  if you have none, google your favourite hymn lyrics and sing. Don't sing like you are passing time else the boredom will kill you, sing like you love singing, like its your career and who knows....:)

7. "How to" 

This is where google comes in handy. All those things you wanted to do but couldn't create time to do, childhood dreams or not, learn it now. I don't mean your dreams of being a doctor or a motivational speaker o. More like how to make a scrap book, how to fix eyelashes or curve eye brows or knowledge about car parts, how to sew a flowy skirts, how to shave and so on.
Google may not give you all in all but it's not like it's your profession, you are just curing boredom.  I have even progressed in my knowledge of sewing through google.

8. This might sound childish but it's how fashion designers and fashion icons were made. Play dress up. Try out different styles of clothing.  Bring out all the dresses you have in this world( it won't be much for people like me), try matching up different outfits together and put it on to see how it looks. 

This way, you can fix up an outfit for the next week so you wouldn't be searching through your boxes each morning and also develop your fashion brains.

And there you have it, the pills to cure boredom that you've long awaited.

Happy weekend, thanks for reading, please do share. Don't forget to subscribe to the blog. 

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