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I chose the word "habit" because these things have become norms, actions engaged into leisurely and repeatedly, addictions, so in an attempt to summarize this description,  I choose the word "habit".

We  live in a century where certain acts are meant for the Christians only.  We live at our pleasure. Its my life,  I don't have to live by bible standards. I can live as I want. We exhibit traits we should avoid because opposites of it are naturally meant for Christians. Well, here are some traits/habits every person be you Christian or not should avoid with "non-Christian" reasons.

1. Fornication/Adultery also known as pre marital sex and extra marital sex.  This is known as having sex with someone you are not married to or with someone other than the one you are married to.  We all know of the now popular sexually transmitted diseases such as aids, gonorrhoea,  syphilis. Some of which are not curable or controllable when not detected early. Engaging in fornication or adultery exposes you to this diseases especially when you do them as habit, you sleep with every girlfriend you have almost always without you guys going for check up to be sure you both are free. Naturally, check up is seen as spoiling the mood so people never do it. Every secretary you employ, you sleep with, without going for check up first, putting your wife and entire family at risk.

The so called protection has proven not to be adequate.  Again, there is risk of pregnancy for the ladies and there is a lot of stigma associated with ladies who took in before marriage. Firstly, it'll be hard to get the husband of your dreams if you'll even get any at all. For the guys, the pregnancy could lead to unwanted marriage, unhappy marriage, on a sandy foundation.  
Again, pre marital sex most times end the engagement, the guy gets what he wanted and leaves to find a lady he can trust. To him, if you opened your leg before marriage, you"ll open it after marriage so he has to look for someone he can trust. Other times, it makes the marriage less interesting, all the fun and styles have been explored already thousands of times, it becomes boring and he begins to look for someone else. It increases chances of cheating in the marriage and flaws the courtship . It also leads to lack of respect and a leading cause of low self esteem among the youths in the western world today. 
Again, extra marital sex increases the chances of divorce, broken marriages, unhappy households, flawed children, great future disappointments.  Abstinence till marriage and sticking to your partner after marriage is still rating the number one best option.

2. Lying. This is the act of being untrue. I in particular despise a lying tongue. It is most probably the only thing I dislike in individuals. Lying has plenty consequences.  It creates enmity,  lack of trust, hatred. It can cost you your life, your source of income, your family, your friendships. It may sound alright but if caught, the consequences are more devastating than the benefits.  Humans naturally dislike it as a whole so it rubs us a lot. Truth pays.

3. Disrespect. This connotes lack of respect. This is becoming a thing of the past amoung the youths of today, its fast fading. We talk when our parents are talking, we shout at them even. Greeting an elder is now stressful to us. Its not like we were not trained but we choose to live as we want. Respect shows proper training, its not a trait or habit reserved for Christians. Everyone should cultivate it.

4. Greed and selfishness. We are too self absorbed and self centered. We are blind to the needs of others. We do whatever we please. Obviously,  it"ll make people hate you , despise you, run from you, use you only for benefits. As natural humans, greed and selfishness is not a trait we should possess.

 5. Stealing. This is the act of taking what does not belong to you and it is one of the most frowned upon traits in the society.  A lot have experienced jungle justice because of stealing. It brings harm, hatred, even death. It causes disrespect. It's undignifying. It destroys trust and friendships/relationships.  It is frowned upon on so much that it is prohibited by law.

There are many habits/traits that should be avoided by everyone, be you a christain or not and I cannot exhaustively list them. They include but not restricted to drinking and smoking(causes health problems), laziness(which leads to a poverty), stubbornness,  envy,  e.t.c

Come to think of it, many of these traits are also prohibited by God as a Christian. So, if you can keep to them all just to be a better person, why not become a Christian? Give your life to Christ,  serve God in the process. You are already obeying half of His commandments with attached promises  if you abstain from the things listed above. You"ll have nothing to loose but everything to gain.

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