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N/B Keep an open mind before you start reading.
The election is fast approaching and a lot of propaganda is flying around in the air. Nigerians desire a change, we've wallowed in the same pothole for more than 40 years now. Its quite obvious that the other presidential aspirants are wasting their time so the question now is, between Buhari and Jonathan, with whom lies the change?

What really is our definition of change? Governance by a leader who has shown complete incompetence for the past four years or governance by a man who was has worn the shoe before but left it in a pitiable state? Many believe that change is constant and on that premise Buhari has changed, he is no longer the man he was, he no more has intentions to islamize Nigeria which is evident based on who is his running mate.

Now with whom lies the change?
President Jonathan? Lets evaluate that. When I first heard that our beloved president was running for a second tenure, I told myself that students won't vote for him. He kept mute(now am saying "he" and not the government because he is the one in charge) while ASUU  went on strike for 6 months and ASUP for one year. And then from day one, he couldn't keep security in place, crime rates increased, some states are still under the control of boko haram even. I considered a lot of things and concluded he won't be voted for but to my surprise, well?

I get it that the people of this country are not helping matters with all their most times unnecessary striking but why are you now called government if you can't do your job?

General Buhari perhaps ? Lets evaluate that too. I don't know how many of us go back to our closet to get clothes we stopped wearing 2 years ago after having worn it for over 6 years and begin to wear it again maybe based on the premise that it'll look new. Some of us have discarded such clothings. How many of us would love to keep bringing back those sordid memories of our past we've erased just because we've changed. There is a reason the word "move on" exists. When buhari was in power, like many of his counterparts, he performed poorly, there was a lot of hunger and unemployment, my dad do say that things were so bad that food was normally shared to people occasionally at stadiums or open places. He didn't move us up the ladder. He just strung us around and around a spot.
People crucify Goodluck that he did nothing, isn't that the pattern of NIGERIA governments? I thought we are used to it. He is not the first that did "nothing" if BUHARI did "something " when he wore the shoe, wouldn't we be better? Some times I ask myself, do NIGERIANS really want a change? Why do we keep going back to our vomits and yet want another plate?

So with whom lies the change? Buhari? Goodluck? I won't even mention the other aspirants because if they had any atom of change in them to offer, they would be making waves like the two persons above. We NIGERIANS,  we entrust our lives in the hands of men too much when its obvious that placing your trust in man is like pouring oil into a basket, it'll hold some components and when we peep and see those components, we smile and nod our heads. My confusion then is, we place our lives  in the hands of men yet we don't want them to control it or rather we want them to handle it the way we want but when we handed over the life, we did so, blindly without remembering to put down those terms and conditions. We support foolishly without questions and when they misbehave,  we are quick to judge.

One of the truest statements ever made is this, "the change begins with you". Being the Nigerians we are, we bullshit this statement when we hear it but its the truth, its the solution we have long awaited. When the foundation is faulty, what can the righteous do? When the foundation is faulty, what can anyone do?
Most of our actions is because of the training or background we come from.
Truth be told, the foundation of Nigeria is faulty, the way I see it there is no foundation! And its something to panic about. How can you build on no foundation or on a faulty foundation and expect the house to stand? Until you correct that foundation, you are wasting time. You'll keep repairing and it'll keep collapsing and its scary because to make it better, you have to take down the whole house. How do you take down Nigeria to start again? How do we repair this foundation? You, yes you. "Repair" yourself first, that's the solution. Then you repair your family, you repair your church group, friends, community and so on but believe me, it starts with you. I hear lots of youths say that when they get there, they will eat their own share of the national cake. No one is interested in their work again, everyone wants to steal, loot, collect bribes and then turn around and blame the government. The people there now were once you and I and one day you and I will be there and if you have not repaired yourself then, you'll do worse than they are doing.  Even scholarships are now rigged, we pray everyday but God has answered. He can't come down from heaven, its you and I He will use, the question is, are you fit to be used? I heard a story of a woman that pays the daughter's teacher so the daughter will always come out the best and worst of all, the daughter is just in nursery school! Hah! And you tell me the change does not begin with you? Think again.

With whom lies the change? You. Buhari or no Buhari, Jonathan or no Jonathan,  the change lies in you not in them. Don't forget to ask God to help you as embark on repairing your mindset, becoming a better person, recruiting others in your better world and having good and great visions for this country. The change is a long way ahead but we will never ever ever get there if we don't take that difficult baby step.

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  1. This so resounds with the message i've been hearing for a while.."it begins with you and i"
    This should really sink into us...

  2. Yea, i saw your post on bella naija which you directed us to from the youth speaks post.
    i pray Nigerians will accept this truth.


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