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Morning dearies. The other day I was talking with my friend when she read out a post title on bella naija to wit: would you marry yourself at 40? She commented on why people would even contemplate marrying themselves. I was a little taken a back because I didn't interpret it literally, then I decided to tell you guys what I understood from it and also amend the title.

Now back to business, would you marry yourself? This post is just a prompt so might not be long. I'm not asking if you would literally marry yourself, that would be absurd.

For ladies, if you are to become a guy, would you marry a lady just as you?e.g  Pretty, hot tempered, dirty,unfriendly, lazy, talkative, e.t.c.
For guys, if you are to become a lady, would you accept a proposal from a guy like you? E.g ruddy in appearance, proud, goalless, hot tempered, lazy, handsome, dirty, foul language e.t.c

Would you accept "you" to be with, forever and ever? Many of us want a partner that is caring, loving, clean, hardworking,  soft spoken, ambitious, rich intellectually, gentle, kind, someone that will blow off our minds, someone deeply connected to God but we just happen to be none of that. How do you think that someone who's all that would love to be with someone who's none of that. This is one of the many reasons some ladies are still single. They want the best but they are not even good. Its like asking me for an exchange, then I bring a new handbag and you bring a spoilt rice, I would look for someone with what I want.

So ask yourself, would I marry me? Look within and churn out those things making you reject marrying "yourself". Take time out for personal improvement before setting standards for others.

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