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Every morning I'd ask myself, what’s the essence? Maybe this way I'd find answers but not this morning. No questions, no answers. With the sun rays filtering across my bed, I knew I had over slept again. I stretched and picked my phone to check the time. Abari would be in class in 30 minutes and yet again, I had a silly reason for being late.

"The key to hard work is discipline, learn it!" he'd say later to me in his office. Friday mornings were usually sleep ins for me but ever since Abari added Fridays to his lecture days, I’ve been unfairly robbed of that. It’s been only a year and I'm already in the web of a lecturer's net - at least that's how I view it. My first meeting with Abari baffled me. I would never imagine it and still don't see its essence. I mean, why would a lecturer develop interest in me? I was talking with Emeka while playing my game of temple run at the faculty love garden when the course rep walked up. 

"Mr. Abari wants you to see him before school ends today and you are to come alone". He said nodding towards me.

"Meaning what? Why? Did I do something?"

"I don't think you did because he didn’t sound wronged but I don't know why he wants to see you"

"Okay" I answered. He turned and left.

"Why would Mr. Abari want to see you?" Emeka tugged at me.

"How would I know that? I snapped, you just heard me ask him that. I don't get your questions at times. Let’s go and see him since there's no lecture on now"

"I also remember him saying you are to go alone" he retorted.

I smiled. "Like I don't know that already. I’m sorry about the way I spoke. Let’s go and see him, you'd wait outside. Don’t think it would take long".

Emeka wouldn't let me rest the rest of the day. "Wow Abari of all lecturers likes you. You are one lucky¬”
"I didn't say he likes me please, don't quote me wrong" I interrupted.

"He wants to meet with you on a weekly basis, discuss problem areas with you including courses that are not his. That could be equated to making himself your private tutor and on what grounds? Emeka sang, you are brilliant, there’s a lot of potentials and he would like to help you develop. Isn’t that like if not love even? I wouldn't be saying you are lucky if you were a girl. This is the rarest of all opportunities"

"I'm not even interested, it’s unsettling. I just don't want it. He should find someone else. You maybe, since you're all over the place about it plus you're brilliant too".

"You see, that's your problem. Any student, reasonable one sorry to say, would grab this opportunity. You never appreciate rare opportunities maybe because you don't get them rare" He answered sadly. There was a palpable silence.

"See harry, I don't mean to insult you or anything, you are my friend and I have your best interest at heart therefore I’ll tell you the truth. A man should be certain. He knows what he wants and follows it. Time is not always on our side. Don't be drawn around. Make your decision. If you have a reason or a desire over something, you'd perform better than anyone. Find that reason if not here, then in something else, At least you have the opportunity to follow what you want not what you get so, want something! It’s important. And this could help you see meaning into the law. Abari doesn’t just teach law, he teaches lfe lessons and the man is a well of knowledge"

And that's how I started attending Friday lectures but today I wasn't only late, I wanted to miss lectures. I was tired. Then my phone buzzed. Abari's lecture shifted. Best news ever. I set my alarm, stretched happily and slept off.
        The continuous buzzing of my phone woke me. It was a text from    Emeka. I opened it and jumped from my bed. Oh no! How could I forget again?!

same time next week


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