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        This post occurred to me long ago when I started noticing a lot of changes about the wedding world, most of which were influenced by celebrities or the wealthy ones in the society. Weddings are always acknowledged as the day of the woman because she is the one that is married, she is the one that dreams of it, she is the one that determines how it’ll go, she’s the one that attention is always on. That’s why she chooses the venue and her name comes first in the wedding card. However, if we look closely, in fact we don’t need to look closely, from afar, we would see that a lot of changes have taken place in this 21st century and weddings were not left out. So let’s do a rundown.

1.       Dressing: This is where the change is very noticeable. The first change is in the colour. Traditionally, ladies wear white as a symbol that they are still pure while men wear black probably to just compliment the white. Now, colours of all sorts have been introduced, mostly on the part of the guys. There’s red, blue, brown, cream, pink and so on. I even read one time of a couple that loved Manchester united so much that the theme of their wedding was the colour of the club and the cake was decorated Manchester united, their dresses had Manchester united logo on it. It was then that I knew that love is really a strong feeling lol. For me, I’ll prefer the white remains as it is a symbol of purity, (which symbol is already lost in our society), as for the black for men, let it just keep complimenting the white. We are obviously in a colourful society but some traditions are better left the way they are.

The style of the dress also changed, long sleeved gowns and ballooned gowns are now a thing of the past unless it is specifically styled. What is mostly obtained now is the body fitted strapless or sleeveless gowns. Even that of the men changed; there is now the double breasted suit and the suit where you have to tie a kind of scarf round your waist (don’t know the name cause I hate the suit) so on. 

2. Cakes: Cakes had always been meant for the white wedding only. Then all of a sudden, it started appearing in traditional weddings, ah! Ok o. Personally, I love cakes a lot and it’ll appear in my engagement party if any, bridal shower, wedding, honeymoon, every major event after my wedding that don’t usually need a cake so therefore, I don’t really mind this change. In fact I love it. *inserts wide grin* this tradition no need preservation, selfish abi?

3. Ashebi / bridal train: First of all, the bridal train’s dresses were bought, sown and paid for by the bride. I’d love for us to return to those days o. I run from ashebi now o because I end up spending half what the couple spent in order just to meet the bride’s specification. The ashebi will buy the material and pay for the sowing, then the bride will on top of all that ask for a particular colour of shoe, a particular hairstyle, some go as far as asking for a uniform jewellery as if I’m the one getting married and then one of the ashebi will now bring up the annoying suggestion that there should be contribution of money to buy gift for the bride and groom. Some are still kind enough to just buy the material for you while you pay for other expenses. This tradition should be maintained because it is sacrosanct!

Also, the bridal train seems to have gotten longer. There’s now the committee of friends and little bride train coupled with the flower girls, ashebi and little bride in existence. And some people will have all these trains in their wedding! Nawa o.

4. Reception attire: This started with the so-called high and mighty and celebrities, copied from the western culture. A different dress is worn at the wedding and at the reception, all of which are still wedding dresses. This is only practiced by the ladies. After the wedding, a stop is made at wherever and the lady changes to the reception attire before they head out to the reception ground. Well, I guess I don’t really mind this change so far the bride is still in a wedding dress.

5. Display of affection: I get it that right from time, affection has always been displayed by couples but it just went a ton higher now. I heard about a wedding that during the time of taking pictures, the groom went to get something as it was the bride and her train that was under the scrutiny of the camera. When the bride looked around and didn’t see the groom, she began to cry and ask those around to return her husband. Really?? So the man can’t even leave her presence without her weeping like he is dead. That was over the top for me o.

The latest would be the dancing by the couples into the reception arena acting like love birds and at the same time entertaining guests. That would soon become a tradition, one that I won’t observe anyway, lol.

Any other change you noticed that I didn’t mention? Use the comment box below. Don’t forget to subscribe to get posts via email.



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