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“You can suffer the pain of change or suffer the pain of remaining the way you are” Joyce Meyer.

Many of us are scared of change, scared of following God’s path for us because we think it’s too big for us to handle, scared of stepping out, scared of taking the plunge, scared of engaging life, scared of coming out of that comfort zone, we practically live in fear of the unknown. But which is better, trying and failing or remaining at where we are wondering what would have been if we stepped out? There’s no guarantee of passing neither is there a guarantee of failing but should we run from trying because there’s a possibility of failure? I thought failures were mistakes we learn from? So which pain is better? That of change or remaining in the same spot? Funny thing is when we step out, we begin to drum it into others that the fear is a deceit because we experience a joy that the closet wasn’t bringing. Step out today, stop hiding and saying there is time, 2015 is almost over. Do something. Have a great week everyone.

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