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I hear a lot of ladies very many times saying I’m looking for a husband o either as a joke or actually being serious and am also guilty of this(as a joke though). And many actually go out of their way to “find” this husband. But this is not the case, this should not be the case. The last time I read proverbs 18 v 22, it still read “he who finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtains favour from the lord”. That is to say that we are meant to be “found”. The bible didn’t say he who finds a husband and there’s a reason for that. So if you are a Christian, why not keep every part of his word and not always trying to wave off some scriptures with the excuse that a different thing is now obtainable in our present dispensation.

You are not to find, you are to be found. Your job?

*    Prepare so you’ll not be tossed away when found.
*    “Look”.
*    Wait and listen.

How then do you prepare? Ruth will be our example.

Live holy, abide by His word, let your actions conform with his word not the world, become prayerful, build your relationship with God, deal with anger and jealousy in your life, being just a Christian is not enough, deal with untidy habits, deal with your dressing, your eating habits, basic etiquettes that a lady should have, deal with your talking habits, be a forgiver, seek for the fruits of the spirit, learn a craft or polish one you already know, it can come in handy etc. I can’t really pick a chapter but a look at the whole book of Ruth will tell you that Ruth was prepared both physically and spiritually, same with Esther if you read the whole book of Esther, so was Rebecca in genesis 24. These women exhibited the virtues of submissiveness, kindness, homeliness, obedience, proper upbringing and God-fearing.

How do you look?
Come out, go out, visit friends, fellowship with the brethren, and be at the right place at the right time. I don’t mean you should go clubbing, no, but being indoors 24hrs praying for God to send him isn’t it. If God sends him, how will he see you since you are locked indoors? Make yourself seen and approachable, that’s all. Don’t be too much of a stay indoors kind of person. Be at the right place at the right time, sometimes indoors is the right place at the wrong time and vice versa. Rebecca was at the right place at the right time. Gen 24 v 14 showed that it was a time that daughters of the place came down to fetch water at the spring and had she not been there, she would not have been found. It also showed that she came out and not only stayed indoors. Ruth also stepped out, Ruth 2 v 2. So did Esther in Esther 2 v 8. (I’m using the three ladies as bible examples when I said I’ll use only Ruth).

Then wait and listen, how?

This can be a very hard stage where doubts may arise and fears dismay but if you have God with you, you will not falter. Ask God to help you wait for your time and when your time is there, listen to know when He is actually speaking. Many will come along when you are done grooming but you have to wait on God for the right one. Receive Godly counsel and back it up with prayers. Esther waited for months before the king finally choose her, fear, doubt, impatience did not get the better part of her, Esther 2 v 12-18. So did Ruth wait and listen till it was time, Ruth 3 and 4. Rebecca also waited. She was of age but she remained where she should be, waiting for when God says go and she listened well enough to know that He had spoken and answered her waiting. Genesis 24 v 52-60.

Many of us ladies are quick and busy searching for a husband that will marry us when we are not even ready, mentally, spiritually or physically, we still have huge and mighty faults that scare men away, some remain indoors fasting and praying everyday while the man is out there frantically searching for them, others are just too occupied that they don’t hear to know when He is around, only to just let them slip by.
Little tip? God is not an author of confusion. As the life of Ruth, Esther and Rebecca are different, so is our stories going to be different but whatever you do, Confirm it with the scriptures, it’s our life guard. God has already seen the end.
little secret: if you keep searching, you'll keep failing.
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