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I observed and noticed that, one characteristic of life is that it continues.

You are sitting at the dinning at home, eating and your best friend henry calls and happily you pick. Then henry says that his dad just died. You know what that means for henry, his trips to canteen is reduced, he may move out of the hostel to come from home, he begins to repeat clothes more frequently, worst case scenario, he drops out of school, you are sad, shocked, unhappy, scared. When the call ends, you stop eating, rush to his place maybe, you ponder, you become moody even but you know what? In the evening, you’ll return and eat again, take your bath, even watch Ait news, something might even make you laugh, things henry won’t do for long. It’s not that the sadness or compassion vanished, what happened is that life continued. Life only stops for the person directing involved in a sad news.

Even at a joyful news, life continues. The Nigeria football team won the African Cup of Nations, we celebrated it so much at that time but when life continued, some people wanted their heads for losing out of the world cup. You might be the best worker of the year this week and the next day, you could be on the verge of being fired. Life only continued. Politicians understand this so much that’s why they never hesitate or stop with money laundering because they know well enough not to dwell on the moment so life will not leave them behind.
Whatever happens doesn’t slow down or put a stop to life and sometimes, it can feel so unfair. There’s this scenario once witnessed:

Standing at a market junction looking left and right for the best time to cross the road, cars are speeding past, people are moving around, others are calling out their wares, taxis are picking and dropping, there’s just so much bustling activity, suddenly, a little child runs out of the mother’s hand and is hit by a car, the woman screams, there is commotion everywhere and the whole market gathers, the car owner heads to the hospital with the kid and the mother, the sympathizing crowd begins to disperse. The market doesn’t pack up and go to mourn the kid, the taxis doesn’t stop for that day, people don’t stop calling out their wares, everything just continues like nothing happened. Life only continued.

So if you find yourself in one bad situation, life continues, so don’t be angry at that, life has continued for you when others were in bad shapes, that’s the configuration of this world…it’s a heartbreaker but life continues.

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