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Hello dear blog readers. Hope you all had an interesting night? I’m sorry I’ve not posted for some time. Just been quite preoccupied with life, but I’m back now to stay so enjoy.

Life is hard. Don’t say it isn’t. It is, don’t smile it off and say she’s a child so she doesn’t understand or that she hasn’t worked, paid rents so she hasn’t tasted anything. There’s no specific circumstance that defines life as hard. Life simply is hard, it just differs at each stage. 
Hard means = great endurance and effort, difficulty.                     
Hard life means = a difficult life where things seem to be against you.

So when life is not going as expected or as it’s meant to be or things seem to be against you, life is hard. A lawyer would ask what’s the meter for measuring how life is supposed to be, But we know the answer already without trying to get all logical.

Let’s take a case study of the kid:
She goes to school with neat uniforms, new stockings every term, good bag, wears nice clothes for Christmas, new year, Easter, eats whenever hungry, makes new hair when due, then her dad loses his job. Mum is a house wife. She has four other siblings. They don’t exactly change their lifestyle but they move to a two bedroom apartment from the three they used to live in, eating is mostly twice and barely three times, bread is now eaten only in the morning and not anytime one feels like it, wearing new clothes every season changes, she’s sad, she can’t get what she wants all the time again and she whines that life is hard then we say, that’s not a hard life na. It is a hard life. For that little girl whose routine has changed, whose life has taken steps back instead of forward, who can’t eat bread always as wanted, life is hard.

The teenager:
Who is through with secondary school but has no admission yet. Friends are off to school every day and she stays at home, after cooking, then television then sleeping then a novel or two. She is looked at like she’s a failure. She says life is hard and someone disagrees. It is. She’s supposed to be in school, writing quiz, exams, attending lectures, finding and recognizing the path to toe through in life and she’s at home cooking and sleeping for two years, of course that’s a hard and rough life.
The student who goes to school, reads hard but ends up failing, struggling with exams, carryovers, assignments, bad finances, life is definitely hard for her, don’t say it isn’t.

The adult
Looks for work five years after school, then finds a meagre paying job, begins to save to open up a business but there’s rents to pay, siblings to look after, no investment or plans seem to be working, life is hard for such a person, don’t say it isn’t.

Something is only difficult and requires endurance when it’s not going the way it should be, when life is not going smoothly it’s hard. Don’t   shut her up with the example of the man that lost his whole family in an accident in a flood or the little girl that lost her parents and lives with heartless relatives or the story of the graduate with no home who sells newspaper and lives under the bridge. Theirs is hard too, only just a top notch higher but it doesn’t make others easier. There’s no specific circumstance that defines life as hard. Once, life is not going well as it should, it’s hard. You don’t have to be poverty stricken, have cancer, be a homeless graduate, be single @52, be blind or without parents before your life will be qualified as hard.
So accept it, life is hard. It’s only when you accept that you have a problem that you can find a solution. It’s only when you accept to be a sinner before you can be genuinely born again. So accept that life is hard. It’s normal for life to be hard, in fact, it’s in life’s nature to be hard else life will not be meaningful. For the kid, why does she have to be hungry without food? Why does she have to wear old cloths on Christmas day when others are wearing new clothes?  The girl without admission read as hard as her friends. Why wasn’t she admitted? The one that was admitted into school, why did she keep failing with carryovers even when she put in efforts to get better? Why the bad results?

   So life is hard because it’s in it’s nature to get hard at some point. It can’t be all rosy. All one has to do is not give up and not giving up will be so much easier when you recognize and accept life as hard. As we humans have many qualities, so also does life has it’s own. You won’t run from a marriage when your spouse shows up temper so why give up when life shows it’s hard surface? Just know that when it gets hard, it’s normal, so just keep working at it to get better. Giving up will leave life at the hardness spot.

Also life can show up it’s rough surface for a reason we may not always understand. For e.g., in my family, when we were kids, we all had one health challenge or the other that involved frequent visits to hospitals, owning bags and bags of drugs and all. It was a burden to my mum then but today she is an expert when it comes to health challenges with children and she helps a lot of panic stricken newlyweds in it. The brick walls are there for a reason. The brick walls are not just there to keep us out. Life is hard for a reason, it’s not always hard just for the fun of it. Sometimes, it’s hard to give us a firsthand experience for handling a bigger purpose cause when life gets easy and happy, when we begin to handle the bigger purpose easily because of past experiences, then life’s hardness would have been worth it.
So, recognize that life is meant to be hard and it’ll be so much easier for you in getting through. Happy new month dearies. Wish you all the mercy and favour from God.

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