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How could I forget! I wasn’t yet relaxed with my meetings with Abari but I didn’t like making bad or unserious impressions about myself. He was already feeling like I didn’t value him or his time and that was the last thing I needed Abari to feel over me even though I would prefer ending the lesson sessions regardless of the fact that it was helping me in my academics.

I rushed into the bathroom and had something close to bathing and rushed out for school. Half way I remembered the assignment, how stupid of me to forget. I rushed back to get it and by the time I got to school, I was already an hour late.
I was to meet Abari to submit the assignment he gave me and defend it orally before him but cancellation of lectures made me forget all other engagements. I ran from the school gate to his office and thankfully he was still around. I stood for minutes outside his office trying to regularize my breathing.
I knocked and he beckoned on me to come in. I stepped in and greeted him. He was writing.

“Afternoon. Why are you coming now?” He replied still scribbling

I stood speechless.

“I believe I asked someone a question right?” he said still not looking up. He sounded strangely calm.

“Yes sir” I exhaled. “Truthfully sir, lectures was cancelled so I decided to get some sleep because I slept late last night. I overslept and forgot. I’m really sorry sir, this is the very last time it would happen.” I pleaded. He stopped writing and looked up at me.

“I’m really wasting my time with you, aren’t I? ¬ I wanted to answer but he waved me off and continued - I mean, you are already intelligent and don’t need help with your academics. That must be why things like oversleeping and forgetting tend to happen always any day we are supposed to meet. Potentials doesn’t cut it. You have to work to make them shine. But I don’t see any desire to let them shine. Or maybe there was no potentials after all” He narrowed his eyes and shook his head pitifully.

“I’m sorry sir, this will never happen again, sir I assure you.”

“Of course, it will never happen again. You are intelligent but unfortunately, that’s all you are. Take time to think about that. Now, get out of my office.” He said calmly but firmly.

Ouch! That was unexpected and hit me like a grenade. I stood for some minutes before dragging myself out. ‘I didn’t know whether to feel happy or sad at the turn out. Emeka was sure to bite off my head when he finds out.

I walked home not being able to process what I was feeling. I knew I had disrespected him by coming late to meetings but did that warrant kicking me out? I thought he liked me? I entered my room and slumped on my bed.

Was intelligent really all I was???
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