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This One Thing Will Help You Keep Those Resolutions This New Year

Some days ago, I went to a buffet. Because going to a buffet have a way of derailing one from whatever good intentions they have about eating healthier, each time I leave one, I resolve it would be my last visit. But I always go back; talk about breaking resolutions. However, when I went this last time, it was different. It was different because each time I left my table to go to the buffet bar to get another round of food, I did something. What I did took only seconds but it helped me avoid the carbs and fats. I left the buffet without my body weighing pounds heavier and my soul a ton guiltier. Yea, overeating is a sin: the sin of gluttony.
If you are like most people, as this year ends, you have made a list of areas in your life that need improvement; things that are no different from the ones you wrote down at the beginning of 2014. Your New Year Resolution probably includes shedding some pounds, making progress in your career, getting closer to God etc. Again, if you are like most people, the things on your list this year will make your 2020 list.

But making effort to do one thing on the list (I hazard a guess that most people reading this have it on theirs) will help you accomplish the rest with less effort. This poem below says it more than I possibly can.

I got up early one morning
and rushed right into the day
I had so much to accomplish
that I didn’t have time to pray

Problems just tumbled about me
and heavier came each task
‘Why doesn’t God help me?’ I wondered
He answered, ‘You didn’t ask’
I wanted to see joy and beauty
but the day toiled on gray and bleak
I wondered why God didn’t show me
He said, ‘But you didn’t seek’
I tried to come into God’s presence
I used all my keys at the lock
God gently and lovingly chided
‘My servant, you didn’t knock’
I woke up early this morning
and paused before entering the day
I had so much to accomplish
that I had to take time to pray

By now, you would have figured what I did at the buffet that helped me with temperance; I said a short prayer in my mind imploring God to help me get healthy food. It worked. I even had more pineapple than ice cream for dessert.
May God help us get closer to Him this coming year for in union with Him, all things take their proper place. Have a blessed 2015.
PS: I couldn’t find the author to give credit for the poem. I came across it years ago and looked it up while writing this post. I hope it touches you as much as it did me.

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