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Happy new week pals. Hope you all had a great weekend? Mine wasn’t so fantastic but all glory belongs to God.

So why don’t Nigerians go far? There are many reasons why Nigerians don’t go far in life such as spiritual attacks, lack of finance, family rivalry, laziness and so on. They are just too numerous but that’s not what this post is about. I just have one reason out of various others that causes Nigerians not to go far in life. 

For lack of a better word, wickedness. I really have observed it. When we have something little to do, we exploit others so much with it. No matter how little what you do is, you can make a difference with it and that’s how growth is achieved. Your mentality expands because you are doing good but when all you are doing is thinking of how to cheat or be wicked, your mentality cannot progress from there. A practical example:

There’s a woman in my school who sells fried yam, plantain, potato and akara only at night. She stays at a very strategic place, where she gets a lot of customers. There are others o but because one is always tired(which is what pushes us to even go and buy fries in the first place), we just stop and buy from her instead of going further. She sells one plantain, yam or akara peel, for N10 which is the normal price everywhere but when she peels them, she peels it to be soo slim or tiny so much that a tuber of yam that would give about 500 naira for example would now give her 1000 but then it’s cheating. When you buy 200 worth of fries, it would feel so light like it’s 50 worth of fries that you bought. People have brought her attention to it but she keeps doing same. To her, she has invented a business strategy and all she is doing is making gains but it’s wickedness to her customers and herself. Because of this, all her mentality will be focused on is a way to keep making that gain and there’ll be no growth. I’m certain that if she continues in that way, she’ll be there selling the same in three years’ time with her children still complaining of hard times. ( No insult or curse intended). What we call all motion and no movement.

There’s also the shoe mender that collects outrageous sums to make little repairs of shoes just because he is the only shoe maker inside school and for you to get another, you would have to trek outside the school with your spoilt shoe.

I also have heard stories of drivers who charged three times the normal price of a travel when they noticed that there are many passengers but few buses going to the destination.

There’s a difference that the tomato seller charges you N200 for a N100 worth of tomato because tomato is scarce and they spent extra trying to get the little they are selling and that she just sells N100 worth of tomato N200 when it isn’t scarce but just because the fellow is in dire need of it. When people are victims of such wickedness, they make proclamations that sometimes tend to follow the person it was made at. Let’s be careful.
People like this either never progress in their businesses to a higher venture and to have a booming business or they end up winding up. That’s why you go to school four years, go for service, start working and come home to visit mum and dad and still see that plantain seller still selling plantain or now selling peeled oranges.

The funny thing is that all these people are self-proclaimed Christians representing Christ on earth. It’s when people see such that they ask, “shey it’s the Christianity that is overhyped that is acting like this?” No matter how we try to convince some people, they can only be moved by an example of someone. 

When we have something doing, let’s try to do it in all sincerity and fairness. There’s just that thin line between trying only to make gain and being wicked and not only does bible say that the wicked shall get the measure of what they dish out, there’s also the law of nature(karma), it always catches up with us.

Have an awesome week pals and be good.

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