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Hey guys. How have you all been? I know I apologize a lot, courtesy of late posts. Still, I’m sorry for just zooming off. Exams just dropped from above and I had to sit up to fill the spaces created by my lapses. So girl had to read and that she did.

book no gree enter
I wasn't prepared for this exam. It just came upon me though that is not normal with me so i disappeared with it. But as patience Jonathan rightly said, there is God in everything we do. So i trust in Him. However, pray for me guys, for the grace and strength to do well.

reading table

I’ll be with you guys by next week. So for now, get the word out there about the blog, read older posts you’ve not read and don’t forget to subscribe to get posts straight to e-mail when they start coming.


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The face above best describes how I was smiling after I woke up this morning. I even


Before a person became a friend, he/she was a 'stranger', then maybe an acquaintance before attaining friendship. In life, many circumstances or situations tend to take us away from family and friends that we are so used to and safe around such as NYSC, industrial training, internship, law school, medical school, competitions or even relocation.


Eshe ibitetibere
Eshe ibitebade
Adukpe o Jesu
Ibite muwa lo

My heart is filled with gratitude. At the end of last year, I wasn’t in a good place. There was this heart-gnawing fear. A new phase was coming in my life and the uncertainty of the future just ate me away. My relationship with God was on a zig-zag lane and the downward lane seemed to last for longer periods than the upward. I was honestly so scared about the future. A lot of what ifs.