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Hello dear readers. Hope you all voted? Sorry, I couldn’t put up a post earlier, procrastination issues. The craziness over this election issues eh? A lot of people have been close to their radios this period and many easterners have sullen faces but as for me, I say let’s God will be done.
This week, I decided to do a series that is about answering questions that bother youths, teenagers and adults alike. Questions I’ve come across around the internet, blogs, teachings, some of which have not been answered or answered well and I’m sorry for not posting on Monday, will really have to stop doing that.

First question: is abortion justifiable in a case of rape?

This is a tough one, when I came across this question as a comment on a page, I had to pause before answering. A lot were saying yes of course, some were against it. Saying that it is killing and killing is not justifiable. I tried to put myself in the position of the one who asked. There’s been a rape probably while you are in school, say medical school, you have to read and concentrate and then a baby follows, what would you do? The pregnancy reminds the person of the rape every day, something she would love to forget but does abortion make it better? Rape no doubt is traumatic. Killing a human being on top of the rape issue however, doesn’t make it better. Something could go wrong in the abortion process. Abortion would only add to the trauma.

There’s a saying that two wrongs don’t make a right. The unfairness of the situation doesn’t make abortion better. Biblically, there is no place supporting or against abortion after rape, the two ladies raped in the bible didn’t get pregnant or rather it wasn’t shown to us that they got pregnant and there was an abortion. But God is not an author of confusion, He has asked us to leave our battles for Him to fight for us. There’s no place He encourages us to do evil to better another evil. He is against rape and equally against taking a life. It might be hard to bear but abortion is never the solution. 

Prov: 3 v 21-24, the bible tells us that sound judgment and discernment is life for us and makes sleep sweet when we lie to sleep. And God is the author of sound judgment. I don’t know the best solution so the best is to surrender to God completely to guide you and tell you what to do, help you make sound judgment should you find yourself in such situation though we never pray for such. But whoever out there, going through such, abortion is never the solution. Lean on your maker to avoid making regrettable decisions. Remember that all things worketh together for good to them that love God, it may be so hard to believe at that moment but trusting He who sees the End before it comes can never be a wrong choice, even basic human reasoning knows that.

P.s Doctors advice: the hospital is the first place a rape victim should go to.  

Any comments? Use the box below and don’t forget to share, please.

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