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Hey dear readers, happy weekend you all. The series on searching will soon be coming up but before I do that, let me quickly drop a wish... 


On 4th April some 0004 years ago, someone spectacular was born; the lady pictured above. She doesn’t believe that but trust me, she is spectacular.

In relation to the blog title... I remember when I wanted to open Da blog, I doubted myself about it. I didn’t want to open it at all. Then I decided to ask for opinions from friends and before I could cough, the discouragement meter filled up. So many negative comments, some waved it off and wouldn’t even hold the conversation. I even forgot encouragements from Frances... well, as the story goes, I took it to her and she was even more excited about it than I was. That boosted my morale a lot.

And that’s her for you, always boosting morale.

Always encouraging one to pursue their dream
(Though you need to start applying that pressure on yourself too)

Always excited about one’s intending success

Very funny and lively

A lovely company to have

A sweet and compassionate heart

An apostle of christ

A brilliant lady

Today is her birthday and I thought that I would dedicate a blog post to her.

strangling me in class

You can be annoying o (like every human sha) but you are wonderful most times. Those weird things you complain about are what makes you uniquely wonderful and it's the unique things about us that makes us great. I definitely cannot spell the word friendship completely without including you. I may not say it always but I love and appreciate you so much.

So happy birthday sweetheart. I look forward to many ground breaking events in your life like when you’ll launch that first movie and CD and when the zeroes are increasing and lifes are being touched and when you’ll marry and have little salomes and kambis running around everywhere, therefore I wish you many awesome God-involved groundbreaking life events. Love you loads

P.s I need a cake o!

P.s.s This is me saying the truth.
Please, all ye unseen readers, I’d really love it if you drop a wish for her, she deserves more.


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Good morning lovelies. Hope you had a lovely weekend? If not, read here.

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