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I hope we all learn something from this post. I’m saying “we” because I believe this post is also talking to me. As humans living in a both dark and wicked and bright world, tribulations abound. Problems arise every day with each step or each progress or lapse we tend to make in life. We are more often than not, faced with trials, times when we are not financial buoyant or experiencing health issues or heart aches or work issues or school issues or family issues, time when we remember a lost loved one or lost parent, whatever it is, there is always bound to be a problem or trial. We ask ourselves, should we really consider it all pure joy?  What then do we do in such times? How do we get through such times?

In times of trial, do not give up. There is a saying that when there is life, there is hope. If Sarah can still give birth at the age of 99 years or the son of the widow of Nain raised to life, then there is nothing that can’t be solved. In the case of the son of the widow of Nain, there was still hope even in death.  Don’t waver, better days are ahead. It must have really been trying times the 90th time Thomas Edison tried making a bulb and failed but he didn’t know good news was around the corner. He persevered till the time of glory. The darkest part of the night comes before morning. Haven’t I waited enough? Haven’t I tried enough? Haven’t I prayed enough?  What else is there to do? Where did the knot loose? These questions lead to giving up but in times of trial, it can get hard but do not waver. Whatever, you do, just don’t give up.

In times of trial, remember there is still a God. We tend to forget him when the storm arises, we panic, cry, get sad, get angry, curse, and exhaust every other option before we remember him. When trials come, remember there is a God, worship him for the problem, even if you are crying and worshiping, even if you have a little doubt as to whether things will ever be fine, just worship him with your whole heart. Remember that we are to give thanks in whatever circumstance we face. Lie down, stand up, kneel down, however, just worship Him and ask Him to help you. When it makes no sense, praise.

In times of trial, put up an armor, a defense especially when we aided the trial. Heaven helps those who help themselves may not be a biblical quote but it connotes something. God will not come down and read for you when you are having bad grades from not studying, He will not answer that call that will bring you the much needed financial assistance. Staying or rather, locking yourself indoors every day and crying, becoming harsh to everyone around you is not a solution. Yes, trying times really do try us but we should not succumb to it’s whims. Find or locate the problem causing the trial, and attack it, don't just expect manna to fall from heaven, you always have a role to play, play it.

In times of trial, focus on the bigger picture. What are you to learn from that particular situation? Things don’t just happen, there might be a lesson to learn and if you don’t grab it, the same problem might arise again. In every level is a new devil, that’s to say, a trial is leading or taking you to a higher ground only if you can conquer. It makes you stronger, better and more equipped. Focus your mind on the goal, the price, on Jesus. Ist pt 1: 6-7

Finally, never condescend to the level of blaming God or your friends or your parents or anyone. Once you blame, you justify, and when you justify, you wither away and when asked, you are quick to bring up your justification. My mum was never there, my dad drank a lot and beat up my mum, my friend betrayed me, I can never trust again, God left me to perish. Yes, sometimes, if not most times, circumstances like this has great influence in our lives but if we know the truth, we should never let such circumstances be the bases of making wrong decisions.

please drop a comment below to encourage a heavy heart.


p.s sorry guys for being away for so long.

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