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It was already a week to exams and I was still not in communication terms with Mr. Abari. Gladly, he had not acted rough towards me in classes. Emeka was getting tired with me not budging to go and see him.

“He’d asked me to go and think about being only intelligent and that is what I am doing” I kept insisting.

I had actually started thinking. I had already purchased some of the books my sister sent me through the help of Emeka but they just created more longing and more confusion. I tried praying but felt stupid and flanked out.

I was studying hard. I didn’t want any more Bs in my result, just the As. People saw it as greedy but I saw it as a target, target to nowhere though. I spent most of my studying indoors to avoid chit chat distraction.

However, on this cloudy Monday morning, I decided to do my reading in school. I left for school by 7am. I didn’t bother to tell Emeka I would be in school because he would be there soon himself.  Three hours later, Emeka was in school and joined me. We were discussing a particular area in a course when one of the final year student whom I later got to know to be the president of Christian law students association( Clasfon) walked up to us.

“Hi, good morning”

“Morning ma” Emeka replied

“How’s the reading going?” she inquired

I nodded and Emeka mouthed off something about how the topic was really an eye opener and she agreed.

“I’m sorry for interrupting, I want to invite you guys for the last fellowship for the semester tomorrow. Clasfon fellowship to be precise. We’ll be inviting a guest speaker to speak to year one students mainly, on our purpose in life.”

“I know your face, she gestured towards Emeka, I have seen you once but I’ve never seen you in the fellowship” she said to me.

Should I be expecting you?

“Why should I come?” I replied contemptuously

“Uhmm I don’t get you”. She looked confused

“I may not have a lot of things I would be doing but why should I leave whatever I might have to do to come. Not trying to be harsh but just looking for a good reason to come and sit down for three hours “fellowshipping”.”


She looked taken aback. I studied her. Pretty and decent gown, pretty face with light makeup that made her look more stunning. I bet guys came to the fellowship to be her friend. She looked bright too but unless she was able to say something reasonable unlike the other invitees, I wouldn’t be there.

“Firstly, that is a brilliant question. We should do things with an interest or reason in mind. Secondly, that question reveals a void in you. There’s a hole that needs filling. There’s an ache that needs an antidote. You don’t look or act like someone who has gotten the much needed antidote. Coming there would help. Therefore you need to come because you need it. That question shows also that you don’t know why you need it and may not understand even if I explain so just come and then you’ll know. Trust me on this one.

“Hmmm, I heaved, okay, thanks for the invite.”

She nodded, dropped the flier on the table and walked away.

“Would you come,” Emeka asked

“No.”  Emeka burst out laughing and I soon joined in.

“Why the laugh? I said amid outbursts, I told you the plain truth.”

“It’s not that, it’s the way you said it. I bet she wasn’t expecting your response but her answer was pretty solid and reasonable, wasn’t it?”

“Yea, it was, it was.”

“Then why don’t you want to go” He nudged me. You really need it.

I ignored him.

       “Well, I will be going and if it takes killing a thousand cows, I’ll do it to make sure you are there too.”

The next day, I was in the middle of a nap when a continuous knocking woke me up.

“That’s not a civilized way to knock”, I shouted angrily.
The knock continued, I rolled out of bed and saw the flier from the previous day. It must be Emeka knocking like a mad man, I hissed to myself. I had come back with the flier and told my sister about it and she encouraged me to go but I hadn’t told Emeka of my intention.
But it was only 2:00pm and he just roughly woke me from my sleep. I decided to ignore him.

“When you are ready to knock like a civilized man, then will I consider answering”, I shouted and entered the bathroom to take my bath. He was still knocking when I finished dressing up. I opened my door and he was showing me his 32.

“You can be really annoying, you know that right?” I said frowning.

“I discovered it won’t take me killing a thousand cows but knocking for an hour and I told you I was ready to do whatever it took. He said sitting down. And you look dressed to go somewhere, where could that be?”

“I was invited yesterday for a program , remember? Let’s get going,” I said withdrawing my bible from under my pillow and picking up my Sunday jotter.

“Wow…, he started saying and I drew him up and pushed him outside and locked my door.

“I changed my mind alright? So save your mockery.” I said moving off
“Okay, okay, he kept laughing but aren’t we a little early?” he replied
“Before we get there, it’ll be 3pm and you know I hate being late for appointments.”

“Okay, okay.”

Thankfully, he remained quiet the whole walk to school.

Same time next week.

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