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Hello dearies, it’s another beautiful Thursday morning. I love Thursdays. As a kid, I loved it because it was the day for rice and beans, lol and there was no extracurricular activities after the main activities for the day. I still love Thursdays and always wish weekends start from Thursdays because it has always felt more weekend than Friday. I always wished back then that every day was a Thursday because it was so bright for me then, all the time. Any ways, this is another Thursday out of thousands of Thursdays that is still yet to come so here’s how to have fantastic “Thursdays” every day.

i. Always have a morning devotion: ain’t nothing better than getting down on your knees for thirty minutes and committing your day into the hands of your maker before you step out. He will so lay out the lines in pleasant places that you’ll be wondering what you did to deserve it.

ii. Eat breakfast and some fruits to keep you strong. Many times, we jump breakfast and later on start wondering what’s wrong with us. Why am I so tired? Ah sally!, why are you frowning? Nothing o, I’m just not feeling too well. Take a good and light breakfast and you could be ready to sprint to work or school.

iii. Have a plan for the day: it’s always better to draw this plan the previous day or in the morning if have a plan for the day: it’s always better to draw this plan the previous day or in the morning if you won’t leave your home early. Set goals for that day, even the little things you don’t think you need to write down, write all down and follow through. Some draw plans like this for a week not just day by day, but however you draw it, set your plans and follow them. Don’t be chatting when you set out that time to speak with your boss. And you’ll feel so much fulfilled at the end of the day when you tick off most things in that list.

iv. Help somebody: it must not be a less privileged person. You can pay the T-fare of a child riding the same taxi with you or cover up for a colleague at work or help someone reduce a workload or open the gate for your neighbour when you see him/her stepping out of the car to do it themselves, feed a hungry person. There are lots of good deeds you can do especially in the situation of our country today. Do it anonymously if possible or don’t try to become best friend with the person or start dating her because you helped.

v. be grateful: to God, your friends, family and with yourself. Appreciate what you have now, appreciate that you can get out of bed to even have a day. Some are striving for that. Appreciate the level you are at now because some are worse. Just have a grateful and thankful heart.

Above all, stay positive, allow the leading of the Holy Spirit to come first. I know some days can be unhappy or gloomy and you can’t help it because you are human but you can spend greater part of your life being happy or rather, choosing to be happy.

Please do well and hit the share button so we all can begin to have “Thursdays” everyday!

Have a great day pals.



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