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Good Morning dearies.....
I know plenty of you may have been thinking that i have abandoned the blog
Nah...this blog is here to stay

I've been away for long because a lot have been happening that wasn't easy to handle
Many times, i wanted to post but didn't know how to frame the words
Didn't want to dish out diluted content to my readers

Firstly, I just completed my degree was dropped on us how rapture would take place
Nevertheless, I am very grateful to God for seeing me through

Secondly, i have been having some personal issues that i'm trusting on God to help me sought out
Therefore, I need you all to put me in your prayers

Lastly but not the least, a friend's mum died not too long ago (the dad is also late) and its been pretty hard for me...i tend to feel the pains of friends with them no matter how much i try not to
There's been a lot of questions framed but can't be asked because He's an unquestionable God

At a point, everything started to seem unfair and not right but one can't forget the times He's been good and had to keep counting the blessings...

But, in all things, give Him, i'm shouting Halleluyah to my God despite a heavy heart
He's the master planner and all i have to do is lean back and watch His plans unfold

But in case you thought i abandoned the blog, i am back. If you thought i just took a leave of absence or just a break without notice, i am back still.
Grateful Me
And this time, no more unexplained absences by God's grace.

Before, i leave...lemme drop this little poem as encouragement to someone out there

Like a porter by a gate with locks
Baking in the sun, without a hat
He is at the door of your heart
Waiting patiently as he knocks

If you listen in carefully
His voice, you’ll certainly hear
Ringing a gentle bell all the year
Begging ‘sinner, accept me joyfully

He is a friend feared by your foe
A price paid for your woe
A diamond in the mud, radiant
A stainless start in the sky, brilliant

He lives in me
He lives in you
Jesus shinning in me

Jesus shinning in you

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