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“Now, if you fall among this category, please come forward. This might be your last chance.” 

The voice of the minister trailed off 

I had a push inside me to go out but I was too ashamed. I didn’t want people staring at me. The preacher had spoken directly to me but I was yet to understand how giving my life to Christ would solve everything, yet I couldn’t keep the urge to go out for the altar call away.

I walked home feeling regret and a bit more equipped. Emeka decided to go home straight and I was thankful. I got home and dialed my sister’s cell but she wasn’t picking. I laid down thinking about what was taught. An hour later, my sister called

“Hey harry, good evening

“Evening bright mind, I’ve missed you

“Me too, when will you be returning home?

“Soon. The calendar here is not certain.


“I almost gave my life to Christ today”

“Wow Harry,….that almost a joyful news. Why was it left at almost? At the programme?

“Yes, at the programme. I’m yet to understand how just giving my life over will fill the void.”

“You don’t have to understand how it would happen, you are not meant to understand, you don’t even need to know how it will happen. Just give Him the wheel to do what he is good at. Luckily enough, it comes with this peace that surpasseth all understanding. So, what stage are we at now?” she queried

“Ermm…Atleast, I know what I’m lacking. A purpose in life. Emeka do say it but the preacher put it in a new light. A path was set for me by mum and dad. I didn’t really ever need. Everything was always set. I just need to understand what I’m living for. What I’m schooling for. What I’m looking forward to be. What I’m planning to achieve. I have the question, I know the questions, I just need answers now.” I replied

She paused.

“Harry, don’t you think that someone who stopped you before you fell into a ditch should be trusted when he tells you to take another step because there is no ditch in sight?”

“Yes, he should.”

“God used the preacher to talk to you, do you honestly think he would lie to you that God is a way when he is not?

I sighed, I knew where this was going.

“I just wasn’t ready to go out before all those people.” I insisted.

“Its your life, your problems, your questions, your purpose, your heart, you need not care about what people are saying. This is what I have been trying to show you. Maybe, it was a good idea that you went to that school after all, its too early to care about what people think.”

“Okay, I get it. I don’t have to understand or know anything, I just have to trust. Okay, okay, okay I’ll take care of it. We’ll talk tomorrow, I have to go now, someone’s knocking, bye”

“Okay, night harry.”

I dropped the call and slumped back on the bed.

Same time next week,


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