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We have a lot of quotes flying around, some in the name of motivating us, others in the name of what I don’t really know. They have become so popular and has seeped into our everyday conversations that they seem true but actually isn’t. Here are some of them:

*      Opportunity comes but once: I get that this quote might be to encourage one to be up and doing but this quote is wrong. Opportunity comes more than once, it’s been known to come twice, thrice and more times after missing out the first. A better way to put it would be to say, ‘opportunity rarely comes twice or barely comes twice’. God sets those opportunities in our path and He can set it again and again once we give it all to Him.  So, keep that hope alive, something might just happen, just make sure you are prepared to take the leap when it does.

*      Love is all that is needed: Funny enough, many relationships with abundance of love have broken up. They remain friends but can’t come back together. Many times, I wonder and marvel at such; if you say you love him or her enough to even remain friends, what is that thing that is so hard to resolve between you both? Love is a huge chunk of what is needed. God is the number one thing needed, communication is needed too, understanding, tolerance are also very important virtues needed. When you love someone so much, that’s not enough reason to jump into a conclusion of marriage, there are other building blocks of marriage that if you don’t establish along with love, the marriage will crumble at some point despite the love.

*      Virginity is lack of opportunity: funny enough, this has and is still being used to deceive a lot of youths today and in an attempt to debunk the “insult” or “teasing” from friends or peers, they go and have meaningless sex losing a treasure God gave them. Virginity is not lack of opportunity. That is the ‘falsest’ of all myths I’ve ever heard. In this 21st century, opportunities abound even from your teenage years, wrong opportunities, mis-leading opportunities, destructive opportunities. Virginity is lack of giving in, in abundance of opportunities. If you are still one, hold on tenaciously to it till the right time, if you are not, you can still decide to remain pure from now and turn back to God to help you.

*      Be yourself, don’t care what people say: there is much truth in this myth, it’s important to be yourself and not try to live a life of pretense because one day it’ll wear you out or you won’t even know who you are anymore. It’s also important to not always care what people say. But sometimes, yourself needs improvement and if people are not loving you for yourself, then maybe you need to check out what people are hating so much about. If there’s need for improvement or change, work at it and don’t keep saying, I’m just being myself. No one is perfect, we are just working towards perfection but it’s no harm to scrap off things about yourself that are harmful to relationships you keep. Many at-times, it’s good to listen and care what people say, just learn how to separate the chaff from the wheat.

*      Rule one of life: do what makes you happy: it’s okay to be selfish at-times, to care about yourself, to take care of yourself but that should not be a rule of your life. When you take selfishness as not just a rule but a number one rule, it tends to cloud your outlook on life and is seen in everything you do. We were not created for ourselves, we do not live in the world alone, everything we do affects people in one way or the other, you cannot be living a life of always making yourself happy first which sometimes will be at the expense of others. Sometimes, we sacrifice that happiness for others and these makes for great lessons of the future. Your happiness is important but sometimes, much happiness is gotten in putting smiles on the faces of others.

*      Your destiny lies in your hands: a better way to put it is; you have a major role to play in your destiny and therefore in some ways it lies in your hands but it doesn’t lie solely in your hands. It lies in God’s hands, He shapes our life and puts us in paths to take, however, He won’t take the step for you, He’ll only arrange the path for you. Your destiny lies in the hands of God but you have a part to play to bring about its actualization. However, it’s a choice to remove God from the picture but excessive hard work with steep hills would surely be welcomed.

Any thought? I’d love to hear it. Use the comment box below and use the share buttons too.



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