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Trust is not a very welcomed concept in our modern day of science and technology. Trust comes very easily to me when I just meet someone. Even though, I’ve been told not to be quick to trust when I meet someone but I have this policy where I give everyone I meet the benefit of the doubt and trust them with no reservations unless they have some shady corner to them. This trust remains if in the long run it proves worth it. But if the said person does something to discard my trust for them, it takes a lot before I can trust such a person again. The doubt keeps lingering. To some, trust doesn’t come easily. The opposite is the case. When they meet someone, they do not dish out trust till the person does something that warrants creating the trust. Whatever the case or experience, humans are never fully trust worthy. No matter the good heart or good intentions, there is bound to be disappointments along the way. However, with God,  it’s a different ball game.

God is our creator and therefore a supernatural being. When a person meets Him or encounters Him, all is surrendered. No space for doubt, no space for tests either. However, many still find it difficult to place total trust in God. We hold back a little because we are scared of moving when there is no map. We forget that God is not man: a.) He doesn’t show his detailed plans b.) He never fails…even when you interfere…His plan may be delayed but never fails.

Abraham is our best example in trusting God. God asked Him to leave where he was brought up, leave his hometown, his comfort zone, the place where he knew people and his name carried weight, the place where he got favours before he asked, leave his friends and go to where He would show Him. God didn’t even tell him where He should go. He just said, get up and go to where I will show you. I might have asked God if I was the one: where am I going to go to? Before I set out. Yet, Abraham just started packing with nowhere in mind because God asked. But if you read the story of Abraham, you will see that God never failed Him. He took Him on a jolly ride. Because Abraham completely trusted and handed God the wheel, He had one of the closest relationships with God in the bible, He was God’s friend, God visited Him in person and talked with Him, he negotiated with God at some point and adjusted His plans!, God favoured Him, He made him the father of all nations even till date, he lived a wealthy and fulfilled life and died at a ripe age.

Moses on the other hand was not a very trusting person. He had doubts at almost every stage. He wasn’t very ready to surrender to God. When God called him to lead his people out of Egypt, He gave four different arguments before he ended by asking God to choose someone else. Exodus 37-21, 41-17. He first questioned His ability. God assured Him. It wasn’t enough. Then He asked what He should say when asked who sent Him, God still explained and then gave an elaborate description of His plans, Moses again questioned God of a situation wherein he is doubted by the people, God gave him three miraculous signs for clearing such doubts that may arise. Again, He raised the issue of his incompetence but this time his lack of eloquence. Frankly speaking, Moses wasn’t ready to let go and let God lead Him. If He wanted control and assurance, God accommodated His questions and gave Him that by equipping him with miracles and His word. But He just wasn’t ready. God assured him that he will help him and teach him what to say, still Moses told God to find someone else till God appointed Aaron to go with him. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it to the Promised Land because He couldn’t trust God completely. In numbers 2012, the lord said to Moses and Aaron, because you did not trust me enough to Honour me as Holy in the sight of the Israelites, you will not bring them into the land I will give them. Moses had a lot of great essential qualities but he lacked complete trust in God. And because he lacked it, he couldn’t teach same to the Israelites, his flock, even after the huge miracle of crossing the red sea. They still attacked Moses when something was lacking. Moses in turn will ask the lord in anger because of the attack also forgetting past blessings.

With trust comes vulnerability and Moses, just like many of us didn’t want to experience that. With man, that vulnerability can be very dangerous. With God, you are covered. In Jeremiah 2911­­, HE says he knows the plans he has for us and they are plans of good, not evil to give us a bright future and an expected end. Recently, very recently, I haven’t been able to post because of unexpected and quite annoying data issues, at a time when I am completely penniless. I was quite sad and unhappy but God reminded me during devotion that he is still in the habit of helping His children and throwing in surprises. I prayed and asked for his provision and put the little trust I had in Him. To be sincere, I had no hope of being ‘penniful’ in the near future but from nowhere or should I say from somewhere, God laid it in the heart of someone to send me something. I was so happy, I literally raced to the sitting room to break the good news to my brother. Children are possibly the only completely trusting agents in the world. Be a child of God and trust in Him. Trust makes us vulnerable but when you put that trust in God, he never disappoints.

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