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This post would have been up earlier but my legs have been in movement all morning.

This post is a review / introduction of the recently released book Ten Steps to Walking in Purpose by the ever smiling Barr. Frances Okoro.

First off, I want to thank God for using such a wonderful person to bring this timely and important truth to this generation and to applaud her for allowing herself to be used to share this knowledge in such a simplified way to helping others find meaning to their lives.

The book starts off with a little personal narration of her walk in purpose. How she went from a purposeless life, those kind of people you meet and you write them off as having no future to not just a life brimming who purpose but also walking in that purpose.
Then she dives into an elaborative but simplified explanation of the TEN steps of walking in purpose backed up wih wisdom nuggets, bible passages and personal stuggles + buriful pictures.

Step 6 and 7 will I reproduce in part.

Step 6 says share your story: own your brokenness. You may have gone through a difficult or Dark path or past but it's nothing to be ashamed of. It's all preparing and leading to your God given purpose. Joseph was hated by his brothers then he was sold then he became a servant then a prisoner but all these were leading to God's plan and purpose for His life.

Step 7 shows he importance of  discovering your purpose. It says - Know that it's not about you- your purpose is much bigger than you. It transcends you alone. Sometimes you have to shine for others to shine, you have to light your candle for those behind to see where to light from. In her words

               " God has so connected us to
                 each other, so much so that
                 one person's revelation and
                 his/her walk in purpose lights
                 up another person's light- so
                 so much so that the person is                    inspired and set free to walk
                 in thier purpose in God. "

So you cannot sit on your arms, that's selfishness.

3 wonderful inspiring wisdom nuggets from the book

1. Being afraid is not the obstacle, staying afraid and doing nothing is the obstacle.
2. Knowing that every good idea is not God's  will save you from derailing from purpose.
3. Know that we do not have forever to ulfill our purpose...time is ticking.

In the introduction she mentioned that the aim of the book is to awaken our conciousness to the fact that God created us with a purpose He wants us to fulfilling and also to guide us in walking in hat purpose. And I can say in certainty that this book achieved that aim.

If you've been wondering If you still have a purpose or can have a purpose after leading such a dark life, this book is for you.

If you've found your purpose but don't know how to Walk in it, this book is for you.

If you think you've fallen too deep in sin that you are a waste already, this book is for you.

If you feel there's something deeper and bigger you could  be a part of but can't exactly pin it down, this book is for you.

If finding your life's purpose seems an elusive undertaking, don't panic, this book is for you.

If you are on the verge of giving up on yourself or you have, this book is for you.

I benefited and I bet you will too.


The book was released for N500 but here is your opporunity to get it for FREE! YES FREE! who no like awoof things. What you have to do is

. Share the cover of the book on instagram or twitter or facebook with the words "Get your free copy of his book from #10stepstowalkinginpurpose."

. Comment your email address on this post and the handle you used in sharing. E.g " #nachikambi Twitter ".

Pretty simple right? This offer lasts till 30the November. If you don't have an email address, here's a good reason to open one and you won't regret it.

Now here's a post I would really love you guys to comment and share. 


Frances Okoro is a lawyer by profession, writer and Christian blogger by passion/calling. She loves God, love, laughter, and takes her status as a Light Bearer in the world very seriously. She is an adventure-seeker and a rising star in Christ. An example for the youths og this generation. Visit her blog,, for more awesome words of encouragement from her. 


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