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Great morning dearies. 

In the christain body and the world in general, judgement has become the New language. Soul winning is the heart beat of God and 99 percent our purpose for existence. This is because He wants to bring His people into His marvelous light. It is our mandate as His representatives on earth.

However, we have approached this in all the wrong ways. Love is the best evangelical approach to fulfilling that mandate. Christ is our example, when He visited Zaccheaus's home, the 'supposed' christains condemned Him but Christ showed him love and accepted him and without even preaching, zaccheaus restituted and joined the house hold of Christ . Luke 19: 1-8.

Love is the strongest feeling and the greatest gift of God to man. When a person is about to kill or commit suicide, you don't try to  stop them by being cruel and judgemental, you use the love technique. One who intends to share God's light and possess love has 10 times more edge over the devil. It is the deficit the enemy uses against us by showing a lack of it in our lives. 

The world is changing, people are developing quite a scary opinion of who they are which calls for grave concern. Things like masturbation, gay, lesbianism, bestiality, paedophilia, transgender are becoming acceptable and is now the new normal. 

To win people to the side of Christ, we have to follow His footsteps. Even the bible in Mark 12 v 31 gives us the second greatest commandment as loving our neighbours as ourself. It didn't say love some neighbours or some people. Christ dined with the sinner zaccheaus. Love was basically His only evangelical approach.  When the crowd He was teaching was hungry, He showed love by feeding them.  When Mary was about to be stoned to death, He asked  them to show love by forgiving. 

There are other approaches but Love is the best. So when you are out there, don't be quick to judge or in a haste to make rash assumptions,  smile and be welcoming. Condemning people before correction can have adverse effect. No sin can't be forgiven and after all you are not the one forgiving.

Any thoughts? Please, would love to hear them.


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