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Morning dearies or should i say afternoon. I'm sorry for the late post. Another weekend is upon us. However, three are three not so sure news I heard this week I’ll share in a moment. Unfortunately, the growth in science and technology and the change in century came with its disadvantages. A lot is going wrong including in the Christian body. Christianity has taken a whole new shape and outlook in the name of development. There is a lot of conformity with the world that is going on. We tend to forget that the ‘head’ is the same yesterday, today and forever. Let me share the stories.

1.Twin sisters marry one man:  you can find the story here. 

the twin sisters and their husband
According to the sisters “We have always done everything together. We share everything. That is how our grandmother raised us. So when we decided to marry, we said any man that wants to marry one, will marry the other”.

And I wonder to myself if twins don’t usually do things together (even sisters) and if that should now be the basis for deciding to also marry one man. The 26 year old sisters were extremely proud of their decision.

Exhales! Lets just go to the second news

2. 7 year old girl receives message from Jesus Christ for big time church oversees. You can also find the story here and the elaborate message she had. I’ll summarize the story she was carrying. Obviously, the pastors are living in sin, encouraging evil and advocating for Satan and their heritage is hell already unless they repent.  7 year old girl Iretioluwa Ifedayo has been receiving messages and revelations directly from the LORD Jesus Christ himself, especially hidden things which he (Jesus) wants the World to know. Iretioluwa a primary three pupil was so bold as she declared what the Lord Jesus told her and this is what was published in a Magazine in Nigeria.

Wow! Third story

3. Julius Agwu has decided to open a Christian night club:  You can see the story here:

In a new interview, the stand-up comedian has explained why he is embarking on this new venture.
“It’s God’s calling. God spoke to me to do it. We have unbelievers going to clubs, popping champagne and all that, so we want to have a club where believers can hangout too and pop nonalcoholic drinks.  It’s basically an assignment from God. The club is located at Lekki and we are taking it everywhere. God also told me to raise young ambassadors that will fight his battle” he said. In the interview, Julius Agwu said he’s now on a mission to bring people back to Christ.

These are all Christians who come from Christian background and supposedly serve and believe in God. Not to judge but the first thing he is inspired to do after joining the community is to open a night club? The guy needs a follow up unit because I doubt he is yet to understand certain things. You cannot conform to the patterns of this world. When you do, things go wrong and you are back to same place you were. Are we encouraging people to leave their homes and stay up all night at the club drinking soft drinks? Who is going to run the club? Do we know what clubbing is all about? Should clubbing even be made a Christian concept? Is the dressing going to be checkmated? There are so many things that could go wrong. This is where things are going very wrong in churches; attempting to bring young people to Christ through their lifestyle instead of through the word.

These days, many are dying and resurrecting with messages, many sleep and wake up with messages, and others just receive revelations. It’s become so rampant especially in the Christian community that it’s becoming confusing what to believe. Recently, I read a news that the little girl’s parents were paid and it was a setup by a man who hated that these men of God owned jets. I cannot boast of having read the whole bible but with the little I know, God do give messages to His ‘Prophets’, His ‘servants’, to give to His children as in the case of Jonah. However, I’ve not really seen the dying and going to heaven and returning with a message. The closest situation in the bible that can be likened is in acts 16 v 16-18, where a girl had a spirit of predicting the future and her owners made money with her. She kept following Paul and the others shouting that they were servants of God. She spoke the truth but it was clearly not a spirit from God and not an encouraged behaviour evidenced by Paul casting out the spirit.

Then again same sisters are marrying one man. They are not conjoined or bound together for life. God made Adam and eve and not Adam and double eve. It’s clear as it can be, one man, one woman.

A lot is changing, Christianity has been refined and redefined mostly for the worse just to receive approval from the world. Even as we enjoy our weekend, it’s important we meditate on Romans 12 v 1-2. Find your way back to ‘He’ who you started the journey from and receive directions on how to live in this ‘unsure’ world.

Happy weekend dearies. Have a blast because I sure will. Please drop your thoughts below, would love to hear them.



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