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Morning dearies. The book giveaway is still on if you have interest.

Good health is everything. If you are not healthy, you won't get up and go to work or to school. Either you are in the hospital or on bed rest at home. Life is automatically put on hold. So it's vital to take our health seriously so as to continue on the path of our purpose and keep chasing our dreams. So here are some tips to maintain a good health.

1.) Eat right: Avoid too much consumption of junk foods...don't make noodles an everyday food...preferably, eat breakfast everyday, research has shown that it's the most important meal of the day...have a monthly fruit fast, that is picking 5 days in a month to eat only fruits....Eat a fruit everyday...don't eat very late at night, it adds unwanted weight to your body. Finally try to balance your meals...rice everyday or eba everyday is not a good idea.

2.) Create time for rest and sleep. You have so much to do, there's no one else who can do it, are no excuses for robbing your body from rest. There was a story I read in primary school from my English language text. A skilled doctor in a rare area of medcine was always at work. While on bed with his wife most nights, he will be called for emergency. His wife complained to him but he did nothing. She met the director in charge of the hospital and he said her husband is irreplaceable and there was no one else. After some time, he died from stress and lack of rest. Before his burial, he was replaced. At the burial, the wife asked the director, I thought you said he was irreplaceable, if only you had allowed him have his due rest. The body needs rest and sleep to reboot for the next day's activities. Take time and rest else you break down at some point and that so much you have to do will definitely add up.

3.) Have a budding relationship with God- yes I cannot overstress this. A relationship with God is needed for success in every area of life including healthwise. He takes care of His own. All you have to do is listen when He directs and guides.

4.) Take time for medical check up: personally I hate hospitals especially public ones and because of this, once I step into a hospital premises, I become angry. A lot of discomfort sets in but that doesn't take away it's importance . A popular saying goes; prevention is better than cure. Doctors have said many times, if only it was detected earlier, if only. So check up is necessary because some issues cannot be detected unless there's check up. God saves but we shouldn't base negligence on that.

5.) Avoid unhealthy lifestyles like drinking, smoking, fornication, taking drugs : smoking damages your lungs and darkens your heart. It may look like enjoyment today because nothing is happening. But remember it kills gradually and when you begin enjoying your life, complications come knocking and you begin to blame God for not caring and healing you when you are the one that brought it Upon yourself. It's for health reasons that drugs like cocaine and marijuana were made illegal yet people venture into it. Sleeping around and having one night stands every night or every week also endangers your life healthwise because you put yourself at risk of getting infections and untreatable diseases.

6.) Regular exercise: exercise is not only for loosing weight but also for keeping fit. Jogging three mornings in a week, taking evening walks, rope jumping are good and easy form of exercises.

7.) Forgive:  when you bear grudges, it affects you and not the person you are angry at. You frown all the time and contract your facial muscles which are supposed to be relaxed most times. You feel sad all the time, planning for revenge and with a hardened heart. Research has also proven that when you are emotionally down, it affects your health and I can testify to that. Learn to forgive and let go so you can actually breath in oxygen.

There you have it, tips for living healthy. Any more tips you have? Please share let's learn.



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