Friday, 4 December 2015


Lagos law school campus
Good morning dearies. I've been away again. Consistency is not my strong forte in relation to the blog but like many other things, I'm working on it.

It's another stage of life for me and somehow, I just get so scared of the uncertainty that I loose the excitement in it. I like to be prepared even for the littlest things. . .a discussion, a testimony, a confrontation. It's crazy, I know but one can't really prepare for the future with certainty and it's the unknown that brings in the fear. 

But this time, I've decided not to be scared but to be excited and embrace this new level.

I never talk about myself here mostly because there's really nothing to know. But let me share a little as it will excuse my being away for some time.

So, yes I graduated this year and though the happiness was not complete because not every one  I wanted to, left with me but I believe everything God allows is for a reason because He is a God of purpose.

Well after all the fuss my school made, God won and I made it to law school this year.

I was posted to Lagos law school even though I wanted Abuja. Again, God has a reason for so doing.

Well am here now and it's a beautiful and breezy environment and I'm excited for this one year, the learning and the people.
Somewhere in the campus

So for the reason of this change, I have to be away for a while to get myself accquainted with the environment then hopefully I blog about it. No promises.

However, one advice, don't let fear hold you back. God said fear not.

Till next time dearies.


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