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Yes, so while everyone was busy getting gifts and all, I got my books, they stared at me so much that I had to pick them and read and so have I been reading my ass off not because it's not by grace but because work is also needed and the work is heaped for me.

2015 was awesome, for the first time I had "serious" new year resolutions and almost all came through! God is awesome. Cause of lack of time and plus I still being a learner in self discussion, I won't be chronicling my 2015 but I'll keep you guys in the loop tomorrow, sorry next year lol. So over to today's post...permit the length.

I can feel the rush of the coming year, the resolutions, the planning, the reminiscence, the thinking, a lot to do, a lot to all these, here are some fundamental things you shouldn't miss...see it as water for the journey ahead.

1. Walk with God: don't just work for Him, walk with Him, dance with Him, sleep even with Him, You can never get enough of Him or know too much, its amaxing how He reveals himself in new ways everyday. When you make Him the comptroller of your life, there is certainty! there is direction!  there is balm for the broken days. Involve Him, make Him your personal person, let Him direct you, the world is turning upside down, so many things are not rational anymore, and one can get carried away therefore we need God. Hold on to him like a child holds unto the mother. Cling unto Him like you've never done before.

2.) Have a grateful attitude: Even for the little things. I made a lot of little requests this year that you might call 'insignificant' and God answered. When we were about to have our first dinner, everyone was like court-shoe is the only accepted shoe, if you are not on it, no dinning for you. Now my shoe size is not easily come across, no time even to go and start canvassing the market as I got to know about it on short notice, the court shoe I had was not the accepted kind, see wahala o and I don't like stress o. I just talked to God to go before me. The girl in front of me was asked to go back because she was on flats, I was let in, the only lady on flat shoe! I was over joyed and kept thanking Him in my heart. When we were leaving, I needed a textbook from a lecturer but had no money to buy it. I asked God to favour me so I'll get it on credit but my faith wavered so i re-asked that I get it on N1000 deposit. I entered his office and made the request and he granted it without even thinking it through, he even put icing on the cake by saying that if the 1K will inconvenience me, I should take it on credit, wow! Be thankful for the little things and it'll culminate into big things. Law school this year was almost out of it but one of my resolutions this year was to go to law school. I had it as a resolution because it's rare, in my school to go to law school the same year you graduate, due to backlogs. So I had it as a resolution, after all the 'expected end' after 5 yrs of school is law school. Under ways of achieving it, I wrote : Thanking God for seeing I and my friends through. Personally I can't do anything about it na so I just thanked the One who could fight for us. After I graduated, my brother said, keep thanking him for the spot he has reserved for you there. At a point, my parents resiled out of it and concluded that it's next year. At a point I wanted to start fasting and praying and all that but instead I kept thanking and thanking. And He did it. Recently I texted my friend "so we later went to law school this year" she had a good laugh and said all thanks to God. Thank Him. THANK HIM. Hoard Him with praises. Keep thanking. It gets Him up on his feet to meet your needs. See the case of Solomon. Have a grateful heart for everything He does no matter how 'little'.

3. We all need purpoeful relationships. . .people that add to us...people that help us...people that we grow from...people that teach us...right? How about turning the tide this year? Be the helping hand, be the encourager, see the best in people and help thier light shine forth,  be the purposeful friend to another...that's the emblem of our Lord Jesus. Impact someone's life. Stop looking to get and start looking to give. You get more when you give and easily too.

4. Are you still in your comfort zone like me? Its time to come out fully and not only peeping out. I'm not saying it as new year New resolution. Maybe if you call it that, you won't come out. I'm saying it because its 2016, life is flying by! yesterday it was 2010. Don't be left behind. You were sent on earth for a purpose, do you want to be replaced? Let fear stop holding you back. People will laugh, people will talk and shake thier head and be unsupportive, you must fail or stumble along the way, it's normal. Just come out first, let the dream realize. Remember that the end of a thing is better than the beginning. Just Have God on your side and you'll be fine.

5.) Better your character. It pays to be good...I keep wondering why people decide to be rude and harsh. It doesn't make sense to me. Be nice. A little act of kindness can open doors for you. Be nice. 

Finally, in all you do, let God lead and trust me...2016 will be your best year yet! Few hours to see you guys there!

Much love and don't forget to crossover with thanksgiving and shouts of joy. I'll be shutting the blog down till next year, lol. 

Drop your comments if any.



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