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What I love most about xmas

Hey lovelies, i've missed you guys but it was all out of necessity. But I'm settled in and I'm back. I would love to put up posts about my experience in the law school so far but it's Xmas and you cannot just look over it. There's just too much excitement in the air, I just have to step away from the excitement and say something. The law school post will be  coming up later.

Just before I continue....tomorrow is my birthday! . .two days before Jesus was born and if you look am well, e come be like saying I senior Jesus. Lol. I expect gifts sha.

Yay so it's the favourite time of the year, discounts everywhere, black Friday, shopping bonuses, return of love ones, meeting of cousins, making of New friends,  eating and drinking and celebrating, adding weight lol. However, it is important not to loose sight of the season.
What then is the reason for the season some one might ask.
Simple...the birth of the saviour, the beginning of our redemption, the coming of eternal life, the celebration of our lord in order to let others in on it. Sometimes we celebrate and forget this....we are so busy spending, we forget to give thanks, we forget the under priviledged, We get so lost in the excitement that we take a break from christainity. Ah! Then next year, reality kicks in hard

Don't place essentials on the wrong things. Some prepare so much for the wedding that they loose sight of the marriage.

It is not a break from chrisyainity. It is not a holiday to make boyfriends to sleep around with, it is not a holiday for eating drinking and adding weight only, it is not a holiday for break from church and your bible, it is not a holiday for break from doing good. It is not a time for living in sin. You are still a Christian with the same mandate and now is the best time even.

It is a period to celebrate Christ our Lord in style, to show our gratitude for the life He gave to us, a time of thanksgiving, a time of showing the love Christ showed us, when He came, to others, so they can come into Christ. It is for celebrating Christ not yourself. This is the best time to show others the light, Christ is not for personal use only.

Don't loose sight of the reason! Don't prepare so much for the wedding that you fail to prepare for the marriage because the reason for that wedding is the marriage!

Don't loose sight of the reason! Merry Xmas everyone.
And...use the comment box, it's for you not me

With love

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