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MERRY CHRISTMAS my people of God.
This Christmas post is not the normal Christmas wish but tatafor gist about my Christmas so far and if you don't have a reason to thank God, thank Him for me.

Well, after I returned from law school, I heard we are travelling to the vilage for Xmas. I was like 'yay' because it's been long, like five years and i have kids in the villa (not my biological children o) who I've missed but later I was like nay for all the cooking and cleaning that will follow. But my wonderful mum being v.understanding promised I won't cook, only reading will I do (I sha cooked on 25th). What's the testimony in this? For the first time, we spend Xmas in our own Home in the village. Yes, we've been spending it in my step mum's house and it has not been v. Funny...long story but finally God smiled on us, and we completed this magnificent building whose picture I won't put up but if you make it to my traditional marriage, you'll get to see. ;)

Then again, we had nothing much to spend the Christmas with, not even chicken, all the money having been expended on the house and my law school (we are not wealthy o but we are stable by God's grace). As God will have it, gifts started tropping in, bags of rice, garri, yams, groundout oil, chicken even goat, ah! Once there was nothing but then God smiled on us, favour here and there...provision of transport to the village and all.
so yes, I'm blogging from the house now.
I and kid bro....a lil image for d eye

So God has been busy making our Christmas MERRY and wonderful and I'm full of thanks and gratitude. So I use this medium to wish you a God-merry Xmas and a spectacular new year filled with opportunities to catapult you to a different level.

P.s or rather aside gist.. I met one of my cousins...her mum has been away for yrs in uk, therefore she was born and bred there ( yes my extended family is that scattered all over the world, yet to meet a lot! They just never want to come back *smirks*) and I'm still in shock that a 14yr old teenager is of my height! (believe me when I say am really tall) and looks nothing shy of 22. Its amazing the creations God throws down these days. She is also respectful unlike what we know from the movies...guess 'blacks' will always be 'blacks', good training included, lol. Drop your comments, lemme know how awesome your Christmas has been so far.


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