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A very beautiful morning dearies. It is too beautiful to be bearing grudges, right?

It is another event filled week ahead, another week of growth and I want to share a thing or two about the ills of unforgiveness.

We live in a world of variety, people with different attitudes and different backgrounds, therefore getting offended is unavoidable. People will always offend you, friends will annoy you, family will say hurtful things. It is for this reason that Christ said to forgive 77*7 times for each person that offends us.

Forgiveness is a virtue while unforgiveness is a chain. Unforgiveness steals happiness from you. It wipes the smiles off your face. It limits you. It's a ticket to hell irrespective of the fact that the other party is in the wrong. It kills your relationship with God. It is you that was offended that suffers most. Its easier to let go. It's humbler to let go. It frees you to let go

The one you bear a grudge against is free with no baggage at heart. While you carry a heavy and angry heart around.

Recently, a fellow student was angry at someone for doing something. Funny enough he was not guilty of the offence but she blamed him solely. Her demeanour was always unhappy, she wouldn't greet people around, she would always frown her face when passing maybe in contemplation of meeting her offender. Her offender is living a happy and free life. That's what unforgiveness does. The person you are angry at forgets and only remembers when you are in sight except in occasions where they care while you live in pain.

Unforgiveness does nothing you that have it towards someone. Rather it takes away from you. It is not easy to forgive especially where the offender is not even sorry. But you are doing it for yourself when you forgive, you free yourself, you let go, you breathe, you live, you love, you have great relationships. The good that comes with forgiving is worth having.

Learn to forgive.


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