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A New Beginning/Word for the year

Good morning lovelies. Happy New  year. Yay! We finally made it and I'm glad. So...

This was not going to be my first post. I already had it planned and packaged but as God would have it, direction had to be changed. I've been asking God for a word for 2016. Actually the asking started in 2015. A word that will carry me throughout the year and the word came on the 31st night. I told you in my last post that it's amazing how God knows us and our needs personally and that's how amazed I felt when the word came because it was so peculiar to me and i cried because i used to think God doesnt really care about me, am just a disposable equation in His formular. However, though peculiar to me, I believe it can be for someone too having similar or same needs.

What was the word?

Isaiah 41: 10-14. In verse 10, 13, and 14, He repeatedly said, fear not for I will help you. In this journey of 'life', in 2016, in all the incoming 'new phases' of your life, in your dreams and goals, in your relationships,  what are you scared of? Am I not here again. You are my daughter and i still remember. So, fear not for I will Help you.

An assurance of divine help, exactly what I needed especially as I get scared unnecessarily. Like I always do, I've put the word to test already in little things and asked for the help and it came!

God's help is assured for His children but some of us still doubt, still question, still think it through if it's sensible and still fear. Well, He has given an assurance of His Help this coming year and i want us to hold steadfast to it and not hesitate to ask for it when we are in need.

P.s my next post will be coming up next week cause I want to do some Changes on the blog and re-align the categories on the blog. However, the .blogspot is still on for now so you can still visit while the changes are ongoing. See you guys next week, and i have this assurance in my heart that it's going to be a fabulous year!


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