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So yes, you've been saved, redeemed, delivered. You have a budding relationship with God,  studying his word and all. But it doesn't stop there. There are others out there once like you and I that also needs the word. How far have you gone in spreading it?

I've discovered that many do not evangelize anymore. Evangelism is not old fashioned. It's the heart beat of God. Heaven rejoices when a soul joins in. You don't have to go out to the streets with your bible acousting everyone you meet as that may not work in some places in the world...not to say that it's not an accepted method though.
Your gift can be used in that way. If your gift or ministry or calling or purpose does not bring souls to the kingdom, directly or indirectly, you are wrong. Our Lord Jesus was on earth for the sole purpose of bringing people to the knowledge of God, bringing more souls into the kingdom matt 4 v17 and he also left us with that mandate, Matt 28 v 19-20.

You are a musician....Let your music draw souls to the kingdom.
You are an artist, let your expressions show the goodness of God.
You are a writer, let your words bring people to his kingdom.
You are a producer, an actor, let your shows be about Christ.
You are a doctor, a lawyer, pilot, whatever, you meet people everyday, you have the opportunity every time to chip in the word.
When you are awesome in what you do and you associated it to God and make all references to Him, someone must develop interest in knowing that your God.

Whatever field or endeavour or work or life you are in and you are a child of God, share the word about His goodness, it's our mandate. You don't have to open a church first or be in any evangelical unit first.

You don't have to be papa Adeboye or papa Oyedepo or Don meon first. That your roommate or yard mate or classmate or friend even or hair dresser is a soul to be won.

Hasn't God been good to you? Ehe, tell others about Him so they can join in the awoof enjoyment. Who no like enjoyment? Stop enjoying Christ alone. Share the great news.

All they have to do is give thier lifes to Him and begin on a jolly ride.

Your comments are not a waste, so drop it and please start sharing the word by sharing this post.



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