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Good morning lovelies. Happy new week. It’s been awhile, yea? Law school is quite draining, believe me but God is with me and I’ll surely overcome. I’ll try to be more frequent this time around on the blog and will soon be sending in gists. Tune in on Friday to get fun and not so fun facts about Lagos! Which you may not have noticed. Over to our post ***

A lot has placed focus on mundane things, on ‘seemingly’ important things. Many have even drawn back or remained at a fallen spot because much importance was attached to things of little importance. There’s more to life than what we see and think. There’s more to life than our problems. There’s more than our achievements.

There’s more to life than a 2:1(second class upper) or an education: I must say that education is important, coming out with good grades are wow. But many at-times we attach all importance to it. If someone fails, we taunt them and call them dullards which they even accept and see them as. If there’s an F in a course, we feel pained and like the world has come to an end. We let ourselves be defined by our academics. That we don’t have a first class, an education, a 2:1 doesn’t mean there’s no life to us. People who attach much importance to things like this stop when their education stops. After the 2:1, that’s it. People without formal education have excelled cause they didn’t allow it define them.

There’s more to life than marriage. I’m done with school, I get a job, I get married, have kids and feel that I’ve landed. I’ve achieved. I’m made. Unfortunately, that’s untrue. Many ladies evaluate their lifes by their relationship status: single or married. Marriage is good, great even, settling down in a home with a husband is wonderful, but is that all there is? What next then? Since, you’ve arrived, what next? The single ones judge and assess themselves to be of no use till there’s a man figure. There’s more to life than marriage or being in a relationship or having a home, there’s more.

It’s fulfilling to be through with schooling, land a dream job and a dream house including a good car but there’s more. You are living the good life, the big life and you are okay, no, there’s more. It’s not contentment, it’s relaxation.

I have a great G.p, I’m there, I’m better, you are trash because you have a weak G,p, my dear, wake up there’s more to life than a great G.p what will you do with it? It’s a paper. Will you get a job? Or a house? Is that it? Is that all there is to it? I graduated with my mates, she didn’t. I’m married, she isn’t. I have a  job, she doesn’t. this is called measuring life by mundane things. These are important and required but it’s that as far as your vision goes.

If your goal ends at making a great result, then you need to think farther cause there’s more to life
If your dream ends at being happily married and having a home, you need to think father cause there’s more to life.
If having a well paying job and living comfortably is what your goal is, there’s more!
All these things matter but there’s more. When you place your minds on this, you stop dreaming, you stop growing, you remain at your settled spot. This is the problem of so many today. There’s contentment and there’s relaxation. There’s more, marriage doesn’t mean you’ve landed. There are thousands of married couples, what mark have you made?
Or did you fail in school or at a professional exam and think life is over? Or maybe you are unmarried and at the almighty age of 25 or things are not going well for you and you think that’s it for you, again, you need to re-evaluate your thinking. When you place your hopes and minds on this, you make them a determinant of your happiness, you place all life has to offer to it. There’s a world out there, look beyond your problems, see them as a stumbling block you’ll cross, there’s so much more and so much potential in you.

There’s more to life than where our visions limit us. We have all the potential in us yet we let our present situation, good or bad to define us. That’s why a relationship with Christ is necessary so you can know this. But that’s not all. You’ll need to take a proactive step. He has laid it out before you, the earth is his and the fullness there of. What mark have you made or are you making? Do you even know your purpose here on earth? Are you working with it or letting the fact that you are married or lucky enough to have a well-paying job or that you have failed paper to deal with stop you? I need us to start thinking big and taking proactive steps. The world is a large place, don’t be comfortable in your little corner, step out and make a difference cause you have it in you…there’s more you can do. There’s more to it. When Christ was on earth, he raised the dead, he healed the blind, the lame. He didn't stop at praying for headache to go. Many can do more than he did but we remain muddled up in a corner and call it contentment. If fear is your factor, you need to stop being scared because Christ has assured us of his help. If it’s your mindset, you need to start working on it.

Btw, I discovered the subscription for the blog in order to get the free e-book on dealing with life’s challenges was having issues. I’m sorry about that. The issue has been rectified and you can subscribe to the blog here to get the e-book straight to your e-mail.
Have a great day lovelies and don’t forget to start walking with your God given potentials. Your capabilities might just be bigger than your dreams.


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