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"No Act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted."

When I had just entered the university, year one to be precise, I visited a friend (senior colleague), one hot Saturday morning and met some of my class guys there, about three of them. One of them started;

E: Hey!!! Nachi Nachi how far na? Boys are hungry o
Me: Ah! How can you be hungry when I'm here? I replied jokingly. Oya, what do you want to eat na?
E: Roasted yam and oil is enough oo
Me: Like how much own?

I think 200 or 250 naira, I don't quite remember now. I gave the money, they bought it, ate, thanked me and left.
Year 3, he became our course rep and I discovered that he was giving me preferential treatment o. Sometimes, we would pay for something, I won't and I'll still benefit. Sometimes I pay late or after the deadline or submit an assignment late and he'll still collect it. Note: I was wondering why. I even thought he had "interest" in me.
One day, someone asked him in my presence why he was acting partial like that. He replied that he wasn't, that I did something that he will never forget. I immediately got interested and asked what and he narrated the story above of me giving money so they could eat when they had no hope for food. I was getting nothing from him, we weren't best friends and yet I gave them money immediately they asked. And he added that anywhere in this life that he is in a position of helping me, he won't think twice.
I was almost moved to tears! I was shocked. I remembered that day and remembered not even taking it serious. What is 200 naira na? Abi 250, whichever.

An Act is considered kindness where it is lacking in that life at that moment even if it can be afforded by the person. E.g, giving someone a handkerchief or biro or a little change when in dire need of it and its unavailable at the moment. No Act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted.  Even if they don't reciprocate or they become your arch enemies, they always remember in thier heart. Recently, I lost my phone! and someone just carried the issue like it was hers and that helped us find it! To her, it was nothing but it just did something in my heart towards her eh.

In this world where you can be anything, be kind.

P.s I'll be completing the searching series on the blog this week so I can start another so be frequent here! School Is stealing me but I'll keep trying to put up posts cause this blog is here to stay. Share the word! And don't forget to subscribe, that's kindness!


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