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'Emeka is that you?' I asked expecting otherwise

'Nope' answered a female voice.

 Ha! I knew no girl, so who could that be.

'Who then?' I said getting up.

'It’s dera your classmate.'

I didn’t know any dera but it would be rude bombarding her with questions with the door to her face plus I didn’t even know anyone in my class.
I opened the door but it was so dark that I couldn’t see her face.

'Ah! It’s dark already, I didn’t know that. Please come in.'

'Thank you' she said stepping in. I was beginning to think that you were dead or something worse.

'What could be worse than dead?'

'I don’t know' she shrugged.

I now remembered her. The overly outspoken girl in the class who somehow, always had her manners with her but would always interfere when not wanted. Emeka would write me down for not knowing her name. Everyone knew her because of her interference spirit. She had not interfered in my business because I had not created one.

'You have a nice place, she blurts out right before I speak. And well equipped too. Wow, with all these you stil have a great result. I’m impressed.'

How the hell does she know my result ?
'Well it’s not a big deal. Everyone’s room is like this too.'

'That was supposed to be a thank you, she said peeping into my kitchen but I’ll take no offence.'

'Well, thank you but it’s not a big deal.' I insist

'Are you being serious right now? Owning a flat screen high resolution tv, a dvd, a laptob, an ipad, fridge, an air conditioner and a washing machine is not a big deal? What planet are you from? I've been meaning to ask you that self' she kept looking around

I was getting uneasy. Why did she come and how does she know my result? But I decided against cutting her short, maybe if I didn’t want to spend hours on my bed everyday after school thinking, then I should start being more receptive. I sat on the bed.

'Well, these are basic student needs that every student has.'

'Basic? Student? Need? How many students room have you visited? She replied shocked

'None yet.'

'How about Emeka your only friend?

Wow, she knew he was my only friend. I must really be a loner.

'Well, he stays with his parents.

'And he has never wow..ed at your place?'

'Well, we have never really talked about my room.'

'Well, it’s a big deal, you are probably the only student with a room as equipped as this. You must  be from a wealthy family with liberal parents. My room is nothing compared to this. Yea, I tried re-decorating it and all but it’s not as touche as this.'

'Please sit down. Sorry, what would I offer you?, I asked getting up.

'No no no, don’t stress . I just need cold water and I can get it myself.' She opened the refrigerator and collect a sachet water.

'Ermm...ohkay. So, what brings you to my room? I said sitting back down

'I just came to get water, so tired to go down and there was no harm in asking.'

'Wow, you stay in this hostel?'

Her jaw drops and I wished I knew earlier.

'Wow, Are you this into yourself? I’m your next door neighbor! She said feigning a frown

'I'm sorry. My bad. And again, you know my result, how?

She threw her head back and laughed.

'Duh! I’m your assistant courserep, I know every result.

I pinch myself for not knowing. I would ask Emeka for a lecture later on.

'I'll be going now though the chill here is tempting. Don't live in such ignorance o, not good. See you in school tomorrow?


The next day was Abari’s last lecture with us before his usual two weeks revision. We were past midway into the semester and I had still not met Abari. I felt guilty. I was wrong, he only wanted to help and I took him unserious. I knew I had to apologise but didn’t know how. Again, I didn’t want the coaching. I just didn’t want the commitment. Even if He wouldn’t take me back, I had to apologise. But I had a feeling that he would take me back as sign of forgiveness. I decided to call my confidante, she always had help to render.

I dialed her cell but she wasn’t picking. It was only 9pm and therefore, she should most likely be reading her book or something. I really needed to speak to her becasuse I didn’t want my apologies to pass the next day. So I dialed my mum’s line. Her voice was hysterical. So I tried calming her down.

"Your sister is in ER. She went up to sleep and apparently, fainted. When I was getting ready to go to bed, I decided to check on her and saw her sprawled on the floor. We tried reviving her but no way. There was no pulse. We rushed her to the hospital, the doctors are with her now’ she started crying again

Fear swept across my heart and I felt a sharp pain. I was still looking for words when I heard footsteps approaching. It was my dad.

"Son, how are you doing? I asked your mum not to call" he continued

'No, I called. I needed to speak to quinby but she was not picking up.' I quickly interjected.

'Okay, no need to panic, your sister will be fine. She is in the hands of the best doctors. When she is up, I will let you know, alright?'

'Yes sir'

'Alright then, have a good night rest.'

He ended the call. Fear swept across again, was my sister going to die? Mum said she had no pulse. I unconsciously knelt down. Her voice came to me…..prayer doesn’t bite! It works!....

'Lord jesus, I began, I don’t know how to pray. I’m not sure I’m even qualified to pray. I’m not sure you are even listening but if you are, please heal my sister. Not for me but for her. I love her so much and she is my right hand in that home. She believes so much in you, please don’t let her down now. Heal her lord Jesus…….Amen.

I stretched on the floor and suddenly, I felt calm but still couldn’t sleep. I was so far gone into my thoughts that I didn’t realise my phone was vibrating underneath me. It was when I yawned and stretched that I  felt the vibration. My dad had called twice and it was already 3am. I called back.

'Praise God!, she is fine, my mum’s happy voice answered.

 I smiled and a tear dropped.

'They were able to resuscitate her though they found nothing wrong with her.'

Can I speak with her?

Yes, she is awake.

'Hey harry, did I scare you?'

'Yes pumpkin, you did. What happened? Mum said she found you on the floor in your room.'

'Yes, I was feeling fine o till I walked into my room. I felt dizzy and that was all I remember.'

'I was scared you were gone. I prayed for you?'

'Seriously?' She said sounding excited

'Lol, just let it slide.' She muttered something to her self

'What? I inquired

'Nothing o, we are letting it slide and letting God work. So what led you to call me? What's the latest?

I narrated to her about the Abari situation and she passionately encouraged me to meet up with him and keep our relationship alive. In her words, "pocket in your displeasure and build a future, you never understand these things at first but when you do, you’ll be glad you accepted them".

Same time Thursday. Any comments. Would love to hear them.



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