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Before a person became a friend, he/she was a 'stranger', then maybe an acquaintance before attaining friendship. In life, many circumstances or situations tend to take us away from family and friends that we are so used to and safe around such as NYSC, industrial training, internship, law school, medical school, competitions or even relocation.

These circumstances put us in the midst of different kinds of people from different backgrounds, different line of thoughts, and different character make ups.

I've come in contact with different kinds of people in different situations and these three attributes i learnt, will help you associate with any kind even unto friendship.

1.) Communication and patience: Now, you are meeting people you don't know and definitely not used to, assumptions will be a risky adventure. To avoid quarrels or problems, communicate a lot. There are things that just won't make sense but it's better to ask. Get to know these people and exercise constructive patience with them as they start dishing out all shades of thier character. Communication is the only way to really know them apart from long term observance and short term gossip. And most times, we have no luxury for long term observance while short term gossip has solidified its reputatuon for destruction. With time, they'll understand that it's not only them that is in the world, that they also have to make space for your kind of person as you made for them. And even if they don't understand, communication will show you the kind of person they are and then you'll know how to react to them.

2.) Tolerance: you most likely will meet characters you never knew existed; stinking ones, annoying ones, funny ones and those termed "wierd " on all levels. To deal with all these and not loose it, you need to learn to tolerate. With tolerance, comes acceptance and you'll see yourselves co-existing peacefully.

3.) Forgiveness: being provoked or annoyed or irritated is usually the most common emotion flying around when people from different walks of life come together. Learn to forgive and let go of the hurt and you'll become a natural sweetheart. Forgiveness also heals our mind of bitterness that tends to withstand progress. Forgiveness does more to free you than the person you encountered.

That's it...Communicate, Tolerate, Forgive and you are well on your way of making friends with the added bonus of not loosing sight of what you are there for.
Any clues I missed? Utilize the comment section, I'll love to hear from you.


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