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Happy New Year! Wow, how time flies. It’s 2017 already! Can you believe it?! I remember 2015 like it was yesterday! LOL. Many have New Year ‘projections’, many don’t have. Many couldn’t care less if it’s a new year or an old one. Many care a lot because they hope things turn around for them.

But whatever you are feeling or thinking, just drop the negativity in you….the negative thoughts, negative confessions, negative beliefs. However bleak life looks right now, whatever mountain of problems you got going on, whatever worries sleep out of your life, let it go. Open your mind to good things, regardless of what surrounds you, speak positively however hopeless your situation might seem, confess AGAINST the negative, don’t prop it up.

Have a positive mindset. Have positive thoughts. Have positive confessions. Have a positive attitude……work hard, drop the procrastination, drop the laziness, drop the comfort for a while, read that book, finally actually study that bible, wash that cloth, clean that room, start that business, take that job, learn that language, do actually make that volunteer, be active and proactive. Keep the positivity to propel you through.

Drop the negativity. Is it heartbreak you are experiencing or disappointments or loss or unanswered prayers or debt? Let go of the hurt, the sadness, the tears, it’s okay to let go of them and I promise you that you won’t die, breathe in the new air and above all be ready to work and walk with God. Pray too. God is for you not against you so don’t cringe at the mention of Him.

In all, walk into this year determining to keep up a positive mindset, to confess positively, to speak good things into your life and your country, to keep a positive attitude even in the face of problems, be prayerful.

And it certainly shall be well!

Love & Light

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